Raid - replay bug

Has anybody else noticed that if you are in the main raid function and you lose a raid, but dont have any flags left to replay the same person instantly. You cannot get back to home without beong forced to move onto the next player, Unless you close the game.

Basically there is no way of keeping your raid on the player you just lost to, with the view of fighting them again later without shutting the game completely. as when you click replay and then close the screen you go back to the previous screen.

Not a big deal, but a minor annoyance.

Klick next, close the raiding window, wait for energy and you will face the same opponent again up to 3 times as long as you don’t reroll.

If you lose a revenge, tap rematch, win that one, you won’t be back in the watchtower.

Just some tiny issues. A few klicks and you’re back. No bugs.


sorry I thought next means when you open up its a new player,my bad… will delete thread

No, it can be helpful if others have the same problem.

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Thanks Olmor, appreciate your help

this does work when you have clicked rematch initially before closing and clicking next, but not that clear thats what u have todo. but i know now tbough so thanks

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