Raid Refills


I have run a little experiment the last couple days. I had a bad run in raids the last 4 days, So on 4 occations I foolishly spent gems to refill and lost 5/6 battles 3/4 times. On 2 occations to opponents over 400 team power below me and half my defence 3 times in a row costing me over 120 cups per opponent. Is this what I can expect from using gems I paid for to be ripped off by the raid algarythm? Which I might add has been a topic of discussion on the general chat board for as long as I can remember. As a result I will not be using my hard earnd money to buy gems to use on refills of any kind! I am very disappointed in the game makers for allowing such a blatant abuse to the players to happen!


Punctuation is important. I can’t make heads nor tails of what you are trying to say.


Not sure what you couldn’t understand, but there ya go.


I am fairly certain there is no coding anywhere saying, if player X uses gems to refill raid energy, then X’s next 6 raids get bad boards. Perhaps raiding all those times in a row you started to lose focus, or did not match your team Well? Idk


The gem boards were horrible no combos single moves only and one was so bad I got 1 special off from an average Mana hero and none from the other 4. The moral is I will never use gems to refill any energy. The game is fun but for that to happen consitantly over the last couple days says something is off. Getting my bum kicked just slowed me looking for matches intently, so if any thing forced more focus


This has nothing to do with using gems to refill your raid energy. You get good boards and bad boards, plain and simple. You got bad boards.


Never had raid boards stay bad for 3 days before almost 4 now


Well… now you have :slight_smile:


@NPNKY - When he uses Raid Refills he purchases with Gems he gets crappy results. :wink:


I got that once he punctuated it.


No. Your bad luck or losing of raids is separate to where you got your energy from


think it’s how much you raided at once

the more you raid, the more bad boards you see

for me i notice that most days i go 4/6 or 5/6 if i use all raid flags right in a row

if i use 2, take a break, use 2, take a break, use 2, i tend to have better results and tend to increase my cup ceiling easier that way.

not saying it’s because of the board algorithm(although when i raid 6 times in a row it seems to normally be 5th and/or 6th boards that are super challenging or just completely unwinnable, probly coincidence). i think it just gives you time to clear your mind and also get better opponent choices. especially in higher cup range of diamond.

Dont think anything i said helped you at all, but just my take on the subject


I agree woth shallab.
If it is important for you to fill the chest fast, weaken your defenseteam


@ThatGuy - I’ve actually noticed this as well. Logically it would stand to reason the more you win in a row the harder it would get (in regards to the competition in general).

However, I have noticed as well that when i have really disregarded raiding and I’m down 10-15K lower than normal, which I hate to admit… well then it would be logical i could use 2-4 raid flasks and come right back up to a more reasonable level. That doesn’t seem to be the case though. Just something I’ve noticed and not pondered enough to really try to investigate. Yet in General if I’m at a fair trophy level, going at it with an extra flask or two - it rarely pays off (that rarely happens though so that’s why I keep doing it lol),