Raid Re-Roll with search filter / Auto Reroll / TP (Team Power) Search

Will not happen since the ranking and search criteria is cups.


I just kill em all, idc what their name or power is


Moved to ideas category.

The problem with this idea is that you could ask your buddies to find you and lose on purpose in order to push your total higher or into the next loot tier.

Also @rigs would probably get spammed a million times a day by suspicious forum agitators.

But at least we could test everyone who believes they have a magic manipulated account :thinking:


At this point, everybody cares only about the chest to be filled out, don’t care what team I am attacking, don’t care how many cups I have (as long as I am in Diamond arena).
A range search will be perfect.
Forget about the name, just the range (power, cups, etc). If there’s no results (based on the ELO system), then you have to search again with wider limits. I’d rather have that than just reroll, reroll, reroll…

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