Raid Re-Roll with search filter / Auto Reroll / TP (Team Power) Search

Re-roll is a cool feature in Raids. But you know what you want to attack, right? It’s either a team with less power than your, or a team that you can debuff.
Anyway, there’s times when you have to hit re-roll like crazy coo-coo. You know what I mean, re-roll-re-roll-re-roll till your screen bends a little bit, right? You tap, and tap, and tap, and all of a sudden you come across a team that you want to raid but your finger is faster than you mind and you cannot go back.


I wonder if we can have like a search engine for raids with filters: gimme yellow teams with only pretty girls as heroes, right?.
Each search could cost 20k food but you get something around your preferences.

No, I never attack weak teams. I only raid teams, which give me +40 trophies! :grinning: So I would want to have filter, which didn’t give me those weak teams with +15 trophies! :rofl::joy:


Sounds like a good idea to me. My only suggestion is that a filtered search might not find any suitable opponents, in which case I think it should let the player know and give them a chance to instead do a normal reroll with the normal reroll cost. That way you’re not paying more food for nothing.

THIS! It seems that attacking any raid team with anything other than 300 or so power less than my current level is suicide, so a way to find that -300 power team rather than endlessly clicking would be perfect. Even a BACK button to avoid OP’s finger-clicking issue would be a massive bonus.
I often avoid raids because of this feature. Click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click DAMNIT!!! click click click click click click click…


Don’t be a ■■■■■! Just attack who ever your put against! Win yah win, lose yah lose! Simple! :wink:

Is there a way to automate the Raid Reroll process?

When finding an opponent, I search for ones 200-300 Team Power (TP) lower than me. My current Raid Arena is “Diamond” and numerous Rerolls are usually required to find a suitable match. Instead of having to hit the “Reroll” button repeatedly, can a set of search parameters be added?

You would be able to set a range by selecting a low and high TP and then tap a “Search” button. The game would then Reroll on your behalf (using food each time) until a match is found. Instead of watching each team come and go, the process would run in the background while a “Search Progress” screen is displayed similar to that which you would find on the websites of Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline.

I feel this would add to the enjoyment of the game as you are playing more and searching less. I trust there are other players who would find this idea useful :slight_smile:

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Team power is a very crude and inaccurate measure of a teams actual threat though.

There might be loads of skipped teams that are beatable.

Part of the game is learning to analyse a team’s strength of synergy, rather than the crude TP estimate.


Thanks for your input Jonah!

I agree with your comment about it being crude. It’s not meant to be precise but a way to QUICKLY find teams you have a greater chance of beating. Sure, you’ll miss a few beatable teams along the way, but if you’re short on time this is a great solution for that.

Learning team strength and synergy is also important and comes into play once a potential match is found. If your TP is let’s say 3,900, what’s the point of having to look through a Library of 4,200’s which you have little chance of beating?

Agreed with @JonahTheBard as stated, the team TP is not the key factor in raids attacks, rather it’s the inherent stats: attacks, defense and specially skills and their synergy within the attacking team. As well as in relation to the defense.

I rarely re-roll, rather I prefer to understand and learn new mechanic with every win and every defeat.

More so my attacking teams are usually lower in TP, average range of about 200- 300 less than the defense and success rate more than 85%.

However , for those who wish to rẹroll for any criteria, then your suggestion is good.


This is a bit off topic, but it’s actually quite plausible to consistently beat a 4200tp team with a 3900tp — or even less, if the attacking team is chosen intelligently.

Based on your suggested addition to the game and this statement, I’m assuming you re-roll fairly often.

I’d encourage you to challenge yourself to NEVER re-roll for a week or two.

It will suck at first, as I’m sure you’ll face a lot of teams you’d normally skip.

But if you take the time to consider your attacking team for those stronger teams, I’m quite confident you’ll improve your gameplay tremendously, which is a huge advantage not just in Raiding but even more so in War, where you may often need to attack stronger teams with weaker teams.

I’ve found that with practice, a 3400-3600tp team of well-selected heroes can beat 4000-4200tp teams far more often than not. You just need to consider hero selection to counter skills, and stack 2-3 of the strong color against the tank or other portions of the team.

That all said, I understand your thinking for this sort of feature, and I’m sure plenty of players would use it.

But I actually think that it would do a disservice to those players in the long run, and discourage learning how to better select attacking teams.


That’s not entirely correct. Teams with around 3600 can beat 4000 to 4200 tp teams with token boosts which is what Jonah is trying to explain. I do it all the time and I am nowhere near being able to create any team over 3700 with my average being 3500/3600 most times and yet I rarely take on teams under 3800 and win 80% of the time. I rarely if at all reroll and just accept the first that shows up then accommodate my offense team to suit.
I have vids on the tube to show that if your interested.

Creating a offense team and then looking for an opponent is just a waste of food.

TP is only a visual indication but does actually mean anything towards actual strengths or whether you can beat them or not. It’s more about strategy and of cause getting the tiles.

So if you have 3900 powered teams then your further ahead than I am so it should easier for you.



Why not have a choice in a range you want, some days you want more of a challenge some days not. Charge food for it i guess if thats the reason for showing you peeps with 500 more team power than you :slightly_frowning_face:

What most newer players don’t realise is trying to high amounts of cups with the heros you more than likely have will always going to create a point in time when you can go no higher as the teams you come up against will without a dout get stronger.

As I said before, chasing cups is just a wsste of time and only brings on frustration. You will increase in cups as you get better, grow and learn to play more strategicly.

Here us raid I just completed, no rerolls involved and when I saw it I thought if you so I taped it.
3600+ against a 4100+. Watch it.

At this point i care more for filling my chest. Though 1 day moving out of silver and getting better loot would be nice.

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Iam almost 2500 but I have not built up enough heroes to tailor make my offense yet(though working on it :slight_smile: ) i do gradually try higher and higher teams so i kinda know my limits atm and i have to waste food alot on rerolls. Not to get ones lower than me though thats a nice surprises,but to get ones that are not more than 200 and that really pushes my team.

Норм тока как по ним ходить?

Here is a just a bit over 3500+ team against a 4100+ team.
You may not approve or agree with my offense team but I like try different team options as it helps me in Wars and they do work.

Here is a fantastic win using a 3600+ team taking on Gravemaker and a couple of other of my worst enemies with an over 4100+ team.
I was hoping for a all yellow offense but I don’t have a yellow healer yet which is Melandor is in there.


Please add a feature to let us search teams by the power range we like to fight, for example I like to fight with a team having between 2700 to 3000 power, and also you can increase the reroll price up to 10x!

Do you agree guys?!

It’s hard to do such a thing but it is a bit more realistic than a search by name would be. Because then everyone would like to search that AlexFourquet-Level100-player or Uclapack or Api.

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