Raid rank not updating

Raid rank is not updating. Cracked the top ten in US ranking and top 25 global but won’t update and show actual rank. Here is an example:

Yeah, I got to 2nd global the other day and was denied the cool screenshot for the same reason

How am I supposed to talk smack to my alliance members when they can’t see me ranked top ten globally ?? Haha!

Relaunch the game and you will see the updated rankings.

That works, but by the time you get back into your game & navigate to the raid leaderboard, you’ve lost your position & no screenshots to prove it.

What’s needed is a refresh button.

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I’ve actually always been able to exit out and re-enter the game without losing my position in the rankings. I agree, though, that a refresh button would be awfully nice.


A refresh button would be simple and quick. They could add it in the blink of an eye.

Having to exit the game & re-enter it is not professional on their part.

Without knowing what all is behind the list not updating quickly in the first place, I’d say that speculating about how easy or hard the problem is to correct might be premature.

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You could be right. But then again, you usually are. :thinking:

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:rofl: I only say that because I’ve seen “easy changes” destroy millions of dollars of test hardware before.


If you refresh too fast, that doesn’t work. I closed the game and reopened and it was still not reset

I am less worried doing that than by usually getting raided while online. I have yet to experience losing cups by relaunching the game. BUT I lost cups even while doing raiding or getting my monster chest filled more times than I should that I lost count.

I don’t know how you “refreshed” the game. What I do is close the app and open it again. I have done several screenshots where I got what I wanted in the global rankings.

Yup. That’s how to do it. And while it mostly works, I’ve several times seen it not work as well.

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