Raid question

I’ve been on the game consistently for over an hour and lo and behold I got raided!! How is that? Then, naturally I wanted to revenge that sucker and of course, it said I couldn’t.
Can anyone explain what just happened? Look at the screenshot that I took:

  1. you got raided. If anyone is within 300 cups of you, they can raid you.

  2. you can’t revenge. If that person has gone offline you cannot Revenge them (unless they are in the top 100 players, which would be a very quick shift from 300 to 3000 cups in a few minutes!)

If your phone locks/goes to another screen, even for a second, it shows you as offline (since it’s not active unless E&P is in foreground) and you can get attacked.

So a player can get raided while playing? Is that what I understand you to mean Rook?

This is good to know. Thanks very much Dante.

Players below top 100 cannot get raided while they are online. It is possible for this to change in the future.

That said, sometimes there are fights that start while you were offline, and complete when you are online. This makes it look like you were attacked while online, but you are not.


Alright, thank you Rook for the added info.

I think he is trying to say that he was raided whilst he was online.

Yeah. I answered him on that above. Thanks Leebrind. :slight_smile:

You answered a question for me also. I have a team of 2939 and was given a match for raids with a team of 4382. I wondered how fair that was supposed to be but you have already answered my question.

Leebrind, I suspect such a large disparity of team power is caused by someone “dropping cups”, to hit lower targets to fill their wanted chest. This happens.

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