Raid query?

Maybe im wrong, but I thought 50 cups was the most you could lose in a raid? And also why am I being raided when online, I read somewhere that you only get raided while offline? If that’s the case then there must be a bug as I’ve been raided a few times whilst playing the game and /or raiding myself.

I could be wrong.

Someone started to raid you when you were offline and you got online while the raid was still in progress. The raid ends (while you’re online) and you get a notification that you’ve been attacked.

Maybe once at best that could be the case, but it happened this morning while I was mid raid, twice. Once was someone’s revenge, but I came out of a raid to be told I’d been raided and lost 51 cups. I get the system as well, and considering he had almost as many cups as me 51 seemed really excessive.

The max is ±1/±60, seen it sometimes in outposts. I think when matched in the normal range (±280 cups) the max loss/gain is the 50, but when raiding outside of that range for some reason (revenge, rematch, outpost), it can go higher.


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