Raid power, defense bonuses?

I just lost a raid where an opponents jahingir wiped out 3 players with his special, now his special is only 145% damage. My boril is 3 - 47 and had full life, kashrek is 3 - 38 and I’d just used his special to heal himself, boril and Colen who is 3 - 31, which also adds plus defence against fire. So when his jahingir used his special, yes its an annoying special, but I wasn’t worried until I saw boril, Colen and my fully levelled bane die. Bane I expected as he’d been hit heavily. But both boril and Colen should have lived through that attack. What’s worse is my kashrek was left on Redland died the following turn leaving me with tyrum to just wait out the inevitable.

So you get boosts as the defence team? He did have a wu Kong but the turn before jahingir fired off I’d used my tyrums special to debuff his special so that shouldn’t have been applicable.

Maybe in upset but I feel like jahingir here was massively over powered.

Now this sounds very strange. The defense has a 20% damage bonus but Jahangir still should not do that.
One explanation that comes to mind is: Was your Tyrum blinded? That way he might not have removed the Wu buff from Jahangir.

If that was not the case however, there are two options: 1. A bug. 2. You missed something, a second special from opponent or the low health of your heroes or something.

No tyrum hit, that swirly thing happened when he debuffs the enemy and like I said I’d just used kashhrek to heal my heroes around him. So they were all pretty strong at that point. Definitely not were going to die in a second amount of health especially when boril has a very decent defence anyway coupled with kashhreks special which is meant to offer extra defence against fire enemies. I sometimes feel like no matter how good you are, you’re destined to lose a raid no matter who you have.

The animation always happens, that does not guarantee a hit/dispel. But indeed this sounds strange. Sadly without screenshots/video not much can prolly be done. You can sent a bug report if you know the time it happened, otherwise it’s pretty futile.

Not to wander too far off topic, but I was wondering if something like this was the case. My maxed Colen does 62 or 63 damage on his fire DOT but when i run into his doppelganger on raids, the damage was 75. Thx for the explanation. :grinning:

Troops also boost the power of a hero including the DoT they do.

I do t understand that. Kashhrek has armor like a tank. I hate fighting a team with him in it. Especially if he’s their tank…I wish u the best