Raid 'pool', rerolls, 'hunting' certain alliance/players?

For fun, I’ve decided to try to raid former alliance members.

Does anyone know if there is a probation period before you are able to raid them? I’ve been burning through food, and unable to get matched with them.

However, I seem to get matched to some players very frequently. I’ve seen the same player 2 rerolls later, and 5+ times over 50 rerolls or so.

Is there a predetermined pool of players once you are on the ‘Raids’ screen?

FYI, I am usually in same trophy range as them (2500-2700ish).

My assumption is there is a probation period to keep players from ‘griefing’ others. Imagine logging in to see 20 attacks from old alliance members :joy:

Thoughts? Insider info?

It looks like it should be possible at least. Some people in this thread including the OP noted that they were getting matched with members of peer alliances regularly. So my guess is you just have to wait for the RNG to kick in and happen to get the match you’re looking for…

Just to update, after 2 days, and many rerolls, I managed to get matched against one :slight_smile:

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