Raid Playback (and Alliance War spectating)


I believe it would be entertaining and extremely strategically valuable to be able to watch back enemy raids.
You could see which of your heroes are dying first, which ones are using their specials more, etc…

In addition, I would like to be able to view another teammates War attacks. Largely for fun, but again, also for strategy. We can give each other advice on our tactics if we have a chance to watch their attacks. Many lower levels could benefit from this.

Of these 2 I believe Raid playbacks would be more feasible and should be the priority. But both would give us more to do without using energy or gems, would improve our strategy, and would be a lot of fun.

If anyone agrees that this would be a nice feature please give me a vote.

Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress - Please add your comments and ideas here!
Spectator mode for AW

This is very useful to help alliance members to grow and improve.


You can watch my raids and map challenges on youtube using my username here to find me, this is constantly growing.


Yes this would be nice but could cause lag if you could watch live matches if there are alot of spectators but replay I think is doable, probably not easy to code but I’m sure it could be done


Yeah the Alliance War one would be tricky for sure. But Raid Playback seems pretty doable.


Yes exactly. I’m constantly trying to help the lower levels that get low points in wars but its hard when I can’t see what heroes they are using or how they’re attacking.


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