Raid Pattern

I’ve noticed that in the first few moves of a raid the AI plays really smart throughout the match or really dumb the whole time. Too often it happens so I want to say that logistically it doesn’t make sense to program it that way but it’s what I’ve experienced. For instance the AI using its abilities in correct order and to the right heroes. Misses apply always and Alberich beings everyone back. Before it happens I can tell that it will happen.

If the AI is playing correct Alberich always being people back if playing dumb he doesn’t.

AI uses skills left to right.

Alby is a roll per hero for chance to ressurrect.

AI plays equally awkwardly every time… it’s a few simple rules then it defaults to RNG selection:

  1. High mana
  2. Low health
  3. RNG

Near as I can tell at least.

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AI normally plays left to right specials but not always. I just had Rigard on the right tigger to remove blind before Athena used her shield debuff. Athena was left of Rigard, what AI did was smart so sometimes it does smart things to win

For me there are some raids you have to lose no matter what.
Usually you get a really crappy board, and then right after 3 or 4 of yours heroes are dead, there’s a really huge combo right after the fight is already over and you are dead meat.
AI shoot his special in sequence and it seems to me there are more critical hits.

But what It really piss me off, is that huge unnecessary combo when you have no chance to win.

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Well specials don’t crit at least… small mercies I know.

Raids that you have to lose are a function of stats and board RNG; yeah, I’ve had two raids and one titan fight in my time where I just kept getting green, green, more green, even more green for miss spam rocking like a hurricane… but that’s out of thousands of runs. It’s far more common for me to get a blue gem right off the top with another 4 blue tiles in addition to the gem already prepped.

Far from auto lose, that’s near auto win for someone running Athena.

Recently, finally after my jumping up and down on my shoulders apparently, really started leveling the ascended 5*'s I had to 80… and like Titan fights with increased stats I just have more time to get the board into a good state to where I can win which at least is decreasing the auto-lose board frequency. Moral of that tidbit: level level level your heroes I guess haha.


Good point, made me realize I completely forget that my heroes (better than average, far better than people who just started) change the raid experience in more ways than that they just hit harder/have different specials.

Didn’t really think about how they buy me more time to work the board because I thought that effect was negated by also going against stronger heroes.

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Yeah, i was talking of normal hits. It seems to me that “in this fights” normal hits gives more damage, so i assume i get lots of critical.

Don’t get me wrong, i love raiding and i guess i’m not so bad.
Only sometimes i have this feeling of “Ok, you win enough, now i kick your ■■■ for good”

And the worst is that “Ok, i give you a good combo now that you can’t win anymore! So you know that was intended from the beginning”


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