Raid out of balance

I know Raids have always favored the defender, this makes perfect sense, but for about a week, significantly weaker defenders, that have previously had no chance at beating my offensive raid team have not only been beating me, but they are wiping me out like they’re 1000 points stronger. Pretty sure something is out of balance in the raids. Thanks for this game it is excellent and the game I play the most.

You have no way of knowing the TP of the team attacking you, unless they share a battle vid🤔. A player’s defense team sometimes disguises the depth of their hero roster.

There are tons of similar threads on the forum.

I could be wrong, but I think the OP is talking about raid attacks failing, as opposed to being attacked.

Which can absolutely happen when the boards are particularly bad.

… unfortunately I do not have a solution to bad boards, other than… try again later and hope for better tiles next time. :man_shrugging:

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Perhaps you are correct my friend. Then there are equally as many threads on that topic too :wink:. The search tool is an effective yet, mostly underused tool.

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Problem with that is that every time someone is used to decent boards, then suddenly find themselves in a bad streak, they think it must be due to a recent hidden update that nobody told us about.

I’ve even seen posts from people who normally defend the randomness of the boards, suddenly claiming that something must have changed because now they lost 3 raids in a row, and they’ve never lost 3 raids in a row!?!?!? Obviously the game is broken. :laughing:

I am still personally mostly of the belief that RNG is just cruel and hates me especially, so I am never surprised when I get a long streak of bad luck. :upside_down_face:

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