Raid opponent selection: how does it work?

I got to within the top 100 in my regular raiding tonight…figured I’d use a flask to see if I could break top 10. Won the next couple raids to get to slot 44 but then couldn’t roll an opponent higher than 50 no matter how much I rolled. Had to settle for “weaker” opponents and ended up at spot 9 (my goal at least!). I always thought it gave you a shot to punch up and fight a higher ranked opponent, but not tonight. Why wasn’t I offered up a better opponent? I rolled like 50 times and it just wouldn’t. Is it random at that point or does it purposefully weaken your opponents so you can’t gain too many points?

  1. cannot “raid” someone who is online. Can Revenge someone online when they’re in top 100 but not normally.

  2. Your raid opponents are always +/- 300 trophies of your current score (the ones you roll). Revenges can be a lot different

It’s unconfirmed this next bit but I’m pretty sure its a thing. You have a “pool” of opponents which refreshes every {x} period of minutes or when you’ve “rerolled” enough times. I think your “pool” of opponents refreshes with raid victory/ defeats also.

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Oh, I thought you could raid someone online if over a certain cup threshold…if not that probably explains it.

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At 44th place, so long as the top players are offline and they have 300 cups more than you do, it is just a matter of luck for you to be able to reroll onto them and get the 50 trophies if you ever emerge as victorious. But, if at the 44th place and the 1st place only has a 100 cup edge, getting a 50-cup match in your favor is an impossibility.

I think the 50 is referring to the position on the ladder :slight_smile:


Higher than 50th place…not to win 50 cups. I don’t think you could get 50 cups at that level. I was just looking for something more than 30ish and couldn’t roll one.

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Eh? You already got to the 44th spot. Isn’t 44th place much higher than the 50th?

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