Raid - opponent hero came back (without Albericht)


I killed Rigard (tank) and the two flanks, but then something happened and Rigard came back, like Alby brought him back, but he’s not there. This happened today at 1:39pm Eastern time zone USA. I took a screenshot after Rigard came back, but obviously that doesn’t show what happened. Also here is a screenshot of the opponent’s lineup. Note - Wilbur’s special was active when Rigard came back, maybe some bug with that since he was just recently “fixed”?


Also, Gormek’s special just fired off, I think that’s when it happened. Gormek hit Marjana and Li Xiu, then Rigard came back.


I tested with another team that had a Gormek. Wilbur was active and Gormek fired but no dead enemies came back. So I don’t know if it was a one time fluke or what.


The same thing happens with Elkanen