Raid of the fate


Just as the title suggest, the idea is to create a special raid, something that occurs one or twice a day that it’s slightly different from the raids that we already knows.

  1. The raid is not random but we choose the opponent
  2. no ham, metal or items rewards
  3. no bars to fill up to have gems or whatever

The only “gift” is to stole (for 1 turn of titan attack, or whatever you want) a opponent’s hero.

This way players don’t have further gems/items rewards but instead a little taste of “how my team suppose to be with that hero…!”, that can lead to spend other money for the cause.

I guess all of us win… in a way or another.


Um, I’ve built up my stable of heroes for three months. You are proposing that once a day someone may try to beat me and steal a hero?

My response to this idea: HELL NO.


Elpis, a similar suggestion has already been made in a different thread that I liked much better. The ability to do practice raids against members of our alliance. No one “wins” anything other than the experience of trying out different combos against another team. Why do I like this better, it allows me to learn to use what I have not dream of what I don’t. It also allows me to explore combinations that are odd before I get my rear served to me on a silver platter.

I think your suggestion is not bad, just not as useful to me as the other suggestion.


Read carefully.
Not proposing that they are stealing it permanently, but only for 1 or 2 attacks.
And you can steal it yourself too man.

But if it is too much of a burden for you even 1 or 2 round without it, is it ok just to only “use” 1 hero without stole it?
My proposal is not set in stones, it’s just a line.


It sounds more like you would get a temporary clone of the hero; nothing would actually happen to your team.


Emily Latella voice: Oh, that’s different. Never mind! :grin:

i misunderstood your post. “Hell no” to permanently losing heroes still stands. I’m not sure how I feel about a temporary loss of a hero or heroes. How would this work from a technical standpoint? Do you mean that–out of five heroes–you would suddenly have six? Or would one of your heroes have to step aside to use the other new hero? How would the game system choose which of your heroes steps back? Walk me through the mechanics of your idea.


Here what i was thinking:

  • You win… yay!
  • The system propose you to choose 1 of the hero of your opponent
  • You find it in your “deck”, and you can use it in a normal 5 hero team instead of yours, but only for titans or only for 1 turn whatever you want to fight
  • When you have use it, he disappear

Something like this.


This idea would be horribly cumbersome from a data perspective.

Practice raids of any variety without the swapping around of data on the backend (heroes, now a temporary flag on the table with a timestamp, all these things have additional cost which means less new features) would be sufficient in my opinion.

I’m not understanding the intrinsic value of being able to mooch someone else’s hero for some period of time. What do we really get out of that some other practice method doesn’t solve? What do the developers get out of it?

Doesn’t smell like victory to me.


I admit it, i have totally no idea what it means to building something like that with data.
Not really a computer master.

What i can easily tell you is the good value of “stealing” others hero in both direction.

For players: you can experience using hero that otherwise you never have been able to use. No one has all the hero, and see how they stack in your current team may be pretty interesting and fun.

For developers: a customer seeing how well a hero stack on his team can be motivated to spend money to get it at all costs.

In merchandising “free samples” is often use to call in customers.


I like the “I get to try it for free” sample thing. But surely that can be done without “stealing” it from another player–who will NOT be happy with the process. :grin: