Raid Nerf and Reroll costs

Okay, so I let this update sink in for a bit to see how it settled out. I even took my max 28xx team and battled from silver league 800-1000 trophy range up to 1200-1400 gold league.

Color me unimpressed. The ham/iron return is busted way out of proportion. The cuts are draconian.

Raids are/were limited to a player’s watchtower resources. Meaning you couldn’t/can’t get at their mines, farmers, or storage. Excellent set up, IMO. Farming resources from raids is common across a lot of games with a PVP element. People wanted to drop cups and raid easy. No big deal. The bulk of the daily resources should have still been coming from mines and farms. Needed a better match up? No problem. Reroll a bit and find a target to make up the cost of rerolls.

Not anymore! Now raids are really only worth the chest, and the chests at gold/silver league aren’t impressive. Rerolling is prohibitively expensive compared to the return you can get. As a VIP player with maxed mines, I’m constantly holding now to get my 2nd builder going. VIP value declined. Probably drop it at the end of this cycle.

Losing raids against teams 200 to 600 points above my team strength at gold league level while trying to find a competitive match. Then waiting to regain raid energy isn’t really worth it to me. Rerolling is a waste. I’ve only got so much time a day I can afford to play.

So what’s a soul to do? Righto!! Drop cups back down to silver league, so I can collect my chest and move on with my day.

Penalty to VIP. Penalty to new players. Disincentive to participate in raids/trophies/tiers. Created a lot of hard feelings about trying to solve the one actual thing they wanted, which is slowing down the game environment.