Raid needs draw



Just ended raid with both teams wiped out and I got defeat!!! Where is the draw??!?!


In the case of a mutual wipeout, the victory defaults to the defender.

Think of it in a military sense. You take a small force and attack an enemy stronghold. All your attackers get killed, as are all the defenders. But this was a stronghold. They not only had the fighting defenders, they had the support people as well, cooks, medics, and suchlike. They might not be able to fight heroes, but they are still there to pick up the pieces and throw the attacker’s bodies out the gate so they don’t gain anything. The attackers don’t take all those folks along so once their heroes are defeated, that’s it.
Hence the default to a defense win in the case of a mutual kill.


Who carries all that iron and ham?



Well, obviously not the heroes of your dead attack team, so…? Edit: Ah, you got it. ;D


Not a fair analogy, cooks and medics in modern armies are all trained soldiers as well. Bit harsh to belittle them as nothing more than just servants to the ‘heroes’


Possibly true since we have no idea about the culture beyond it appearing generally medieval by our terms, but remember that this is an enemy stronghold, with farms, forges, and families inside that is being attacked. Even if the cooks and medics are fighters, there would still be the civilians left to throw out the garbage if all the combatants on both sides are down.


Look at the bright side: it still adds 5 heroes to the Wanted chest.


Just saying, but Richard the 2nd was killed by a boy who was getting revenge for his brother’s and father’s…


It does? On Defeat? Uhhhhhhh…


It does. :slight_smile:

Win or lose, every enemy hero you kill counts toward the 40 you need to fill your Raid chest. :slight_smile:

It’s one of the reasons I don’t feel too bad after a loss - I raid for the loot.

Trophies come and go (they will build up naturally over time as a reflection of your offense/defense team growth and your skill at raiding) But the Raid chest?

Win or lose, it’s always there for you! So fill it up and collect your loot!

:smile: Tima


Raids need to be overhauled period they are an epic fail to what has to be the worst challenge event I’ve ever seen in any game it’s a game of futility and a big steamy pile of horse dung