Raid needing 150 purple defeats.. Are you kidding me?

IS this a glitch or what? Why even bother to participate in the raids? First of all most teams have 1 Dark heroe in their roster. Therefore, you have to theoretically participate in 150 raids and defeat a purple hero in each raid.
This is ridiculous!
In order to find purple heroes you have to reroll because most players have revised their teams and have removed their dark heroes. I mean why would you leave them in your roster? Leaving them in only makes you a target.

I assume you got an elemental chest in the raid slot?

Never fear, you can kill anything to fill it which is purple.

Enemy heroes :white_check_mark:
Map monsters :white_check_mark:
Quest monsters :white_check_mark:
Titans :white_check_mark:

Just need to be purple


Alright, I guess you are talking about a dark elemental chest that took your raid slot… am I right?
If so, you need to collect 150 any dark enemies, not necessarily dark heroes only. And the best stage to get them is S1 7-4.
FYI, elemental chests can be in monster chest, raid chest and also titan chest.
Good luck! :wink:


New player, huh?! Don’t worry, you’ll hold your breath for elemental chests soon…


Wait until you need 150 red titans that I did once.

That took me 10 years to do.


My first elemental chest was in titan spot as well…
I had no clue how I ever would kill 150yellow titans to fill that chest :rofl:


I don’t remember having elemental chest related issues of this sort, so, most likely, my first elemental chest was in the monster chest slot.

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Thanks everyone. A little embarrassed…

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Now go kill a bunch of Purples on 7-4 or 8-4, then come back and show us your loot! :smiley:

Good gaming!

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Aaah! Knowing E&P devs I am pretty sure they are preparing a new mission or mini game with the impossible challenge of 150 purple Titans to kill.

You’re mean. I guffawed on this.

But it’s worth it: you get guaranteed 3* farmable loot as a reward! GUARANTEED!



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