Raid mode without tile damage

Could be nice to have a more strategic raid system in addition to the existing one without tile damage.

Tiles just to charge mana, where rainbows have almost the same chance to win like stacked attacks. Possibly that would be more challenging. Everybody has to set up teams upon special synergies and not put 5 of a color to kill by tiles.

Could be called rainbow mode with a separate ranking.

The +20% def bonus could be deactivated to balance the missing tile damage and a point-based scoresystem could easily be calculated by counting in the teampower.

Strategy vs Mono and both won’t harm each other…

So the idea is to play exactly the same, but tile damage is reduced to 0?

What about opponent’s normal strikes (not specials), are those attack damages also reduced to 0?

And what about cascades? Every step in a combo grants opponents less and less mana. Is this going to be the same?

So also no more normal attacks from the defense. I think slow heroes will be more in a disadvantage with this setup.

Kill of their tank first, only target the center too charge, no risk of getting killed with normal attack. So not certain this would be beneficial for the defending team.

Could possibly be tried in a tournament, only specials.

Exactly what you said. Random slash attacks could be added to the attacker, too.

I will just put the fast and extra fast heroes and boom they will all die
Joon kage sartana GM Lianna alasie
All maxed or at the last ascend on their way to be maxed
Any 2 (except GM) of them can take 99% of any heroes

Seems a fun idea
And can also pair my jackal+16 with joon to guarantee a kill

The whole thing could be tested in a tournament.

Deactivated tile damage or tile damage is set to 1 per tile. Attackers get random slash attacks as if they were on defense.


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