Raid mechanics

Is there a way the AI runs the enemy team during a raid, I’ve read they attack left to right etc etc but I have noticed alot of the time there are heroes. Of mine that are clearly targeted. For example my healer in my attack team is kiril for his buffs. But twice in a row he was targeted by the enemy Grimm with his special rendering him useless. Now before I get any backlash, he was clearly targeted because both heroes either side of him were caught in the splash effect, twice. This isn’t the only time, I also have kashhrek and sometimes use him for his buff depending on the enemy line up only to find he is dead before I can use him as apparently every attack is aimed for him first, in one round, 3 enemy heroes hit him consecutively. Then the following round he was hit with a special and gone again. I’ve seen others mention healers seem to be targeted and I’m starting to see this trend myself. So I wondered if this is just pure coincidence or possibly something put in place to aid the defending team. Once or twice is one thing, but the regularity of it that I’m seeing is would suggest it’s pre-programmed, because no one can be that unlucky.

Had same feeling that my healers in the corners are attacked more often then the center. Don’t know if it’s because of “healers” or “corner”…even if it would have make more sense to hit , let’s say my blue Richard with Ceadmons green attack…

I’ve moved my team around constantly and still get the feeling that healers are targeted. It’s annoying to say the least.