Raid mechanics changed?

Don’t you feel something has changed? Raids aren’t so easy anymore. I used to play 3+2 colors tactics and could easily win +400-500 team power. Right now I loose alot more fights then before. Also, I logged today after a while and saw enemies made me to diamond rank :smiley: I usually loose alot of cups after log out because my team has 2x5* only.

Do you have same feelings about it?

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Yes I can relate, I’ve changed my defence team afew times with little to no effect.
But I find winning them back easier than before.
It’s like a circle, I win trophies I lose them in revenge raids, rinse and repeat.
Not sure what has changed but I agree something has.


My first thought was “shields spawning” but next few raids I had normal rate of new shields spawnings. But then I saw than I saw that my 3 color combo doesn’t kill so much as before. Also, single player hits like from skills, does probably more damage then before. I think it might be something related to defence mechanics or some kind of stacking penalty.

I’m not saying it’s bad. To be honest, raids were pretty easy with 3 x color combo and it’s good they nerfed it. But same time when they nerfed food I would say it’s not worth to do raids anymore. Maybe revenges only.

I wish it had changed for me…still only 4 attacks in 24 hours. :wink:

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One thing I’m noticing, I get raided very little for new raids, but nearly everyone is using their revenges.


Because you don’t risk resources anymore on revenge. Also attacking is less profitable so I assume it’s better to stick to revenges.

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That’s what I try to so, but sadly haven’t been getting 8 new raid losses. Not the last few days at least, but I do realize some may not yet have latest update.

I don’t see anything in the 1.12 Release Notes & Status topic mentioning this here colour-stacking penalty. I colour-stacking, and I don’t see any difference. Also take into account that heroes being adjusted, and that throws off what you use to be dealing with.

Yeah, I took that into consideration. That’s why I asked others about it. If they would changed that mechanics I doubt they would mention it as it’s big secret.

Too pity I stopped doing raids right now so it’s hard to say on more tries. Maybe this was really bad streak, I don’t know.