Raid Me Please 2100 Trophy Range

I’m a healthy and easy target:


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But I can’t find you.

I don’t think it will work this way. The game doesn’t provide mechanism for searching a raid opponent by name, as far as I can see.

If you really want to trophy drop you can always look for someone where you’ll lose 50+ cups and flee the battle right away. Why waste food getting raided? Might as well just go raid the first opponent and flee?

I’m trying to make a point here. Last time I got a direct raid was ~3 days ago. Can’t even remember the instance before that one.

All I get is revenge attacks. There might be an issue in raiding in which targets don’t appear as they should. @Revelate noticed it cause he has at least 3 accounts and mentioned it in the cup drop thread.

I haven’t been religiously collecting my watchtower for the last day just to see if anything changes.

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I have been playing for almost seven months, in my first 6 months NOBODY raided me, and most of that time my team was not very strong, as it was growing up. In the past month seems everyone is attacking me, like, losing 200 cups when offline for 20 minutes. My unsupported conclusion is that one has to be in the 2200 cup range to get noticed

Is that a three healer defense? Some will pass on that.


i dont think anyone at 2100 cups is gonna pass on a 2800 team

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I’m basically giving away 5 heroes for the chest and I’m leaving several hours of watchtower16 loot. This happens when I sleep too and no one still wants to raid me?

Same happens to me. Have around 1500 Cups and I do never get raided - never

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It might be a supply and demand issue. Consider,

In the lower cup ranges, there are a lot more players and judging by the threads most of them hate raids and don’t do them. My alt account has 1,360 cups and is ranked 195,464. Thus the combination of few raiders with lots of players may make you getting raided unlikely. This account, like y’all, gets hit rarely.

Currently, I am at 2,215 cups and ranked 7,269 in my main account. At this level, most raid and there are fewer targets, so i get hit all the time.

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Good point but at 2000-2100 cup range, I should bump into people pushing to diamond tier. Or at least those trying to fill up hero chests.

I will be pushing to 2200+ and see what happens there.

BTW, still no direct hit after more than 30 hours of being bait.

well if i see you i will get some of that tasty ham!

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I have similar experience - I almost don’t get raided until I hit 2200 cups. Like between 2000 and 2200 almost no raids - as soon as I go over 2200 I am getting raided a lot until I drop below 2200. I guess my team is scary enough to keep me there :smiley:

This is why I put a crappy team on defense. I will put a crappier one then. :joy:

I saw you raiding people with not much loot, do give me a beating if you see.

I raid for fun and chests. Usually I’m overflowwing with resources. Tonight my tower will be full, so I might get raided as well :smiley:

Edit - If I catch you I will give you a beating :smiley:

So in ~3 days of doing this, I get 2 direct raids.

How is this possible when I hear of alliance mates in the same cup range (and real defenses) losing 100-200 cups for logging off for less than 30 mins?

Here is the typical night for me, 2-4 revenge attacks and no direct raids.

This exercise has made those making revenges on me happy.

I submitted a ticket regarding this because I get raided once a month at MOST! They replied with…ye what did you expect more than a fkn automessage. They didn’t even check for my complaint - they saw the word raid and inserted useless text…

Hi Maaeetz,

The matchmaking system will match you against opponents at a similar trophy level as yours. The power level of the heroes or troops of the players is not taken into account.

The difference in the amount of trophies owned by you and your opponent may be considerable at times, but please note that you will earn more trophies when defeating a player who has more trophies than you. Similarly you will lose fewer trophies if you lose against a player who has more trophies than you.

I hope this helps - Good luck in the battles!

Kind regards,

Is English the first language of those in support? (I’m curious, not making fun of anyone.)

Sucks when you get a generic answer. Worse is when the generic answer doesn’t even address your question.

I’m about done with this exercise.

I’d totally raid you.

There must be more to the matchmaker than just cups. I have about the same amount of cups as you, typically hold less loot in my watchtower even though it’s lvl 20 (yeah I know it’s going to take me ages to earn the invested ham back. I could build it so I did :stuck_out_tongue: ), have a 3460 two-healer def team, and I get smacked from all sides all the time. I get raided in the range of 5 to >10 times a day. I think that’s normal.

Mind you, I’m not complaining about getting raided that much. It’s actually fine. It makes it easier for me to fill the hero chests, by constantly wobbling between 1.900 and 2.200 cups this way.

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