Raid Matching issue

I believe there may be an issue with raid matching…the same team has been at top of cups for two day’s and is not able to be attacked due to match making…yesterday I was everywhere between 2900 cups and 3200 cups and spent over 600,000 ham re rolling and was matched against everyone else in top ten within minutes of them logging off (some several times) except this team. They have been online and offline does not look like they have been attacked.

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Idk if it’s that one but I read early that someone tried to revenge someone with 3k+ and couldn’t because it had raid shield activated…
I’ll try to find the post to see if it’s the case or it is listed.

Edit: here it is looking at cups might be the same.

Yes looks like same issue…and that it still needs solved. Also I think people may be assuming it’s raid shield and that may or may not be the issue, either way it needs addressed. @Petri or is this another developer that slipped into the mix lol

Is it because everyone is only interested in fighting Telluria? :laughing:

I’ll prod it towards the staff…


That thought actually did cross my mind when I first saw it lol :man_facepalming:t2:


Sarmale said he tried to revenge and he had raid shield a little bit up on comments and he already submitted ticket with vid.

no logic on raid… just random win … different skills for heroes or point for atacking and diference is HUGE. a big scam

Looks like it was resolved shortly after this discussion…thank you for forwarding


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