Raid Match vs Rematch Damage

Leaving this in general in hope of more viewers. Over the past 3 updates I’ve increasingly battled teams with lower power and lower troop strength due to purposefully dropping cups. What I’ve been noticing is a dramatic damage difference with both normal and special attacks. My latest rematch was giving nearly double the damage of the first battle with the special skills well over double the damage. Can this be explained to me or does the game automatically pick the winner?

weaker teams have weaker defense. weaker defense = the more damage you can do to it

Yes which is why I’m curious about the losses I’m going through. In my last match the team I fought had no attack lowering or increased defense special skills. So why was it my damage against them went from the mid 20s to mid 40s per troop and the special skills went from, I’ll use my Thorn as an example, 220s damage but then 2nd battle same team Thorn causes damage over 500.

doesn’t quite make sense, if you see this repeatedly, just record your battles and post them. From what I see the game doesn’t cheat, there are set rules to things. Some players may not understand or agree with them, but there are set rules on how battles are to behave.

I’ve had the question many times and came to the conclusion that the game picks the winner

Again, i have had these issues and questions before and keep getting told I don’t understand the game or the way it’s played trying to make me believe I am stupid.

The fact that these things keep hapoening has led me believe that even though you are playing the game and you make your own hero choices there is a big part of the game which we are not told about which determines how far or how fast you can go at certain intervals including who wins and when and this greatly missed by most people unless your really looking for it which I have done so after being in your position many many times before.

As a web developer myself I know and understand how easy it is to manipulate a site without making it obvious in the front end and I can tellnyou this game does have unseen restrictions with it, no douts about it.

one word is all i need, proof. Easy to provide.

Edit: I mean for Halcyon problem, he said that the damage is different between battles, that is so easy to prove if he thinks that is happening.

FYI… I am a programmer too

Not really as taking screenshots to peove the score difference would be impossible mainly because the score is only displayed for a split second for/after each shot and impossible to freeze so even if he took a screenshot at any point there would be no way of telling atvwhat point it was taken thus still leaving dout in viewers eyes.

The only way to prove something like this is to take a video of you playing the games then at least you would have viewable proof that way.

(FYI…I am am a programmer too)
Then you should know and understand all about background manipulation within sites and that what I am saying is correct then. RIGHT?

Yes, I know it is possible. Anything is possible, but likely? No, especially not something so obvious. If you accusing them if changing the odds of how Wu special making you miss, or how they reduce the chance of loot, or reduce the chance of getting a good hero, yeah ok. As a designer, you should know if you messing with things, you can’t make it obvious. When it is something obvious, it is more likely a code bug or people not knowing what they talking about.

And as for proof, just take a video of your while battle from the point where before you select the attack button to the end, then point of the time frames where you say the game is cheating.

iOS devices have built-in capability of recording video from the screen. There are Android apps that enable that functionality. In 7D we regularly post videos of raids to share interesting ones. It’s not a bad idea to record all your raids just so you can look back and see where you might have improved.

lots of things can explain it. Did Thorn hit a red hero the second time for increased damage? Did he get a critical hit (2X damage)? Was it in a string of hits? Did you have any specials that increased your damage? Are you saying all your hits were double the second time? Not enough details to make a determination

I’m not a tech savvy person, just last year I was still using my flip phone. I’ve got no idea how people take video of their battles. Maybe I’m just an old man with too much time using their perception, but do know I’m not ready to start filling out ID 10-T forms.

Damage with both troops and specials were different in these rematches. The opposing colors/elements are the ones I’m particularly referring to, sorry for the lack of detail.

How can I record battles to give proof?

Use an app. If you need more step by step instructions, you can google it, there are most likely videos for it

If you’re on Android, DU Recorder.

Iphone has a built in screen recorder.

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