Raid Match Advertising

I happened to notice the (somewhat) new video in the App Store promotion for E&P includes this matchup:


In the video, the team is obliterated by one hit from Richard, who’s an AoE hitter in the video, instead of splash.

Obviously it’s just for an ad, and someone who hasn’t played yet would have no idea how unbalanced that matchup is, or that the Special Skills aren’t accurately depicted.

But I thought it was amusing, and more so, it got me wondering if all of the people who post about unfair Raid matchups, or how teams with higher TP should always win are basically wishing this is what Raiding was like.

(I’m glad it’s not, that would get boring fast.)

What do you think?


Well…that advertisement is showing four 5* heroes + one 4* hero against four 3* heroes and one 2* hero. I think they may have just died out of fear instead of Richard’s actual attack.

And they’ve put Guinevere, one of the best tanks in the game as a wing…I think the whole thing is infuriating.

…You’re right Z…this may explain some of the balancing issues and RNG cursing since they see teams getting wiped out by target & nearby attacks.


I don’t know who makes these ads, but they are ridiculous… In my first week at Puzzle Combat, I had a promotional video for E&P every single day at drive-in cinema (like vision in here). There was presented a fight against the first boss (the red dragon). In that battle, Natalya is a sniper. Even one healer is sniper. I have no idea why they do something like this…

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