Raid mastery

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Hello, sorry for my english, my english isn’t well. I want to share with you the idea that before the mission of ‘raid mastery’ - change the prize please. Get a new avatar - this is not a worthy reward for such a mission. Better give the chance to win a new hero. Thank you.

Yes, it’s not even a good avatar in my opinion. Gems AND an avatar would be my choice!

I think the solution would be if they added a small effect to the avatars. Not on combat, but progression. Some could give you -X% to building time for all buildings or more% to a specific building type (storages, TCs and barracks, forges and WT, or mines and farms). Some other could make the world energy charge a little faster, and others with the raid and alliance energy. Some others could increase the maximum raid flags by 1. There could be 1 that could make the training just a little faster. In this case the avatars would make sense and grinding for them too.


That’s a beautiful idea, but I bet some clever people on the forum would do their maths and work out a small number of avatars that provide the best advantage. And then 80% of players would all look like Joon or the ugly rat thing.

But being able to equip your avatar with an ability is an intriguing thought.

to avoid that many avatars will be similar, it is possible for different elements to give practically identical stats

Out of curiosity, does everyone get the same new avatar or is it random?

Because, honestly, the opportunity to have Renfeld be my avatar isn’t much of a reward. Please tell me it’s possible to get something better.

On different stages of the mission you get different avatars, but they are the same for all the players. I remember the last one was Quintus, maybe also Domitia and Friar Tuck are obtained before, don’t remember exactly.

Renfeld, Tuck, Domitia, Quintus in that order