Raid limits

I am sick and tired of being raided all the time. It had cost me a lot of resources, and I keep deleting so many heroes (mine are always 1*).

I am suggesting that players should have 14+ XP level, of five or more 3* heroes in therie armies.

Raiding makes you delete heroes? That seems unusual.

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About everytime I lose a battle, I remove certain heroes from my army. An if I get said heroes again, I find them no better than training heroes. I just wish SG would make more 1* heroes, or at least let us trade heroes with eachother:frowning_face:

What exactly do you mean you remove them? Feed them to other heros? And you only raid with 1* heros?

I’m not sure you understand the core mechanics of this game.

Here is a link with a lot of usefull information about the game.


I don’t really understand why one would remove heroes from one’s team after a raid loss. As @Fledoble suggests, it’s worth reading through the new player guide to get a feeling for how things work. I think once you understand the game paradigm you’ll probably find it all a bit more satisfying.



Great advice!
This document has been my bible for the game. Thankfully, I found it early

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