Raid level - hit by higher?

Am I wrong that we should be raiding and raided by people of the same tier?

Currently I’m Silver and am being raided by Gold level players.

They’re way stronger than me so I cannot possibly revenge.

This doesn’t seem right. Am I misunderstanding something?
Thank you.

Raid matching is based on cups, not on tier. The matching algorithm will pair you with opponents within +/- 300 cups of you. If you’re at all close to the arena boundary, you’ll be matched across the boundary with regularity.

While the team power gap may seem big, it’s actually not all that bad. If you color stack against them, you can probably beat them reasonably often.


I’m sorry, are you saying plus or minus 300 and some ambiguous amount can get me beat up by people even bigger just because it’s close to 300?

It’s no wonder this game is so frustrating. Are all of the calculations so variable? And why would that be? Rules shouldn’t be vague like that.

It’s a pet peeve. I’m an accountant for payroll, I don’t do well with unset amounts especially if there’s no rhyme or reason.

I never have raid opponents that much weaker than me come up so I don’t understand how I get so lucky. I get seventy to eighty percent stronger than me and maybe a quarter of the time find a weaker target.

Thank you for explaining it to me.

I’m saying the next match is drawn randomly from the population of players within exactly +/- 300 trophies of your current count. It’s not ambiguous, but it is random.

That said, there does seem to be a bias of about +50 trophies to the mean of the draw process. Several of us have collected and analyzed data to understand the statistics, but there’s no known explanation for why that bias exists.

Like most games, the Random Number Generator (RNG) figures prominently in the processes of Empires and Puzzles. If you don’t like the raid matching, you’re going to hate the way SG does summons.

But at least they publish the draw probabilities, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you summon.

You’re welcome. There are a lot of helpful resources on raiding on the forum, and I’d encourage you to read all you can about tips and techniques.

Most experienced players with decent rosters can quite regularly beat opponents within a few hundred Team Power of their own. Color stacking plays a big part in this.


Please trust in what @Garanwyn is saying about matching up against teams that r a couple hundred points higher than u. Check out this picture that comes from YouTube channel one of the regulars puts up. Also I wanna stress this… trying against those tougher teams will make u a better raid player and help in wars. Getting raided over night sucks. I know! Just last night I lost 230 trophies :rage::rage::rage:. But honestly I hope u can make this out and also search under the RAIDS category for help and tips and also just create a topic asking for advice. U cannot believe the number of people who will go out of there way to help. Anyway here’s the pic. Try some of these strategies. Good luck. :+1:

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Is this an actual bug/issue? @Garanwyn

Ya know what it isn’t. Should have noticed before I replied. This should b under Game Help or General Conversation.

No…ish. We typically leave mechanics questions where someone believes there is an error but there isn’t one in #bugs-issues, on the hope that others with the same perceived problem will search and locate it.

There’s no real policy behind that, but it seems to be the de-facto consensus among Regulars+.


Which is why I’m not moving threads … I bow to greater knowledge and experience. I’ll just keep pointing them out!

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Wow. Nice wrap up!!! That was well said. It probably is best not to let people feel like it could b a bug because maybe just maybe someone does stumble on one. Higher powers to the rescue…,

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You’ll get the hang of it :slight_smile: But you’re always welcome to tag me, and I’ll be happy to help.

U have helped me so many times. Thanks a lot. Of course that is why I did the Favorite Non Hero Topic. This forum community is the real deal when it boils down to good folk.

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I’m glad you’re here too! You bring a really great positivity and enthusiasm to the forum, and you’re a definite asset to the community :grinning:


Just click revenge and try to strike back.

Never mind your amount of cups. They’ll come back.

If you’re going to be the first attacker, search for opponents where you’ll get many cups, lots of food and iron, even if he’s much stronger than you or exactly for that particular reason.

Case victory

  • many cups
  • resources
  • lose few cups on revenge

Case defeat

  • ok, was much stronger
  • lose only few cups
  • no revenges available

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Always nice to beat much stronger teams and if not, so what…

So I pulled down a flipping post earlier because for the life of me I cannot figure out why I can’t get this to work. I did it last night but now cannot. Ugh. Ok. So check YouTube for Empires and Puzzles Stacking Raid Videos. I will promise u will c teams 300-400 points lower knocking out serious squads. I’m so frustrated right now with apple mp4 formatting that I’m about to have a drink at 6:08 am and it’s gonna b from Kentucky and not something I should b drinking until it’s 6:08 pm!!!

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Sweet heaven that last link may have worked. Anyway the team one of the guys in r Alliance is playing out scores him by team value by more than 400 points. This is what stacking can do

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Just gone for a few raids.

As you can see on the pic below, it took me 3 tries to terminate him, but the ‘income-statement’ is on my side.

Lost 19 and gained 52 cups. If he’ll come for a revenge, he probably will get back another 10 or 12, but anyway a plus of about 30.

His teampower was 3966 and mine 3278…


I tell everyone in my alliance DO NOT just scroll thru till u find weak teams. It is to ur advantage to study the matchup and stack accordingly and beat that team offering 50 to ur loss of 11 or 12. U can’t lose! Plus it makes u a better player. U don’t get good at anything only playing against odds u know u can beat.

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I’m taking a snap shot of that to prove it once and for all. Good looks @Olmor!