Raid kills didn't count

Hi there
Sometimes the kills I did in a raid/revenge didn’t count.
Happened when I tried to get the 40 hero kills for the treasure. After successful 6 revenges , with 5 heros per opponent team, the counter says 25/40.
Happened a few times now. Is this a known issue?

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Bump. Happened again right now.
Playing on Android, latest version (happend also on older versions).
Do you need more information?
I can try to make a video, but the problem occurs per default.

Did all defense team consist out of 5 heroes? Cant explain it otherwise, maybe it‘s a bug but it never happend to me

Yeah they did. Always 5. Usually I do the 6 revenges one after another, without leaving the tower screen. Maybe here’s a glitch…

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