Raid hero duels: 1 vs 1

In the end of my recent raid the last two heroes standing was my Brynhild+18 and enemy’s Kadilen+13. I won and thought about a new discussion idea - do you remember your own “duels”, when only one of your heroes remained on the field and only one of the opponent’s? What were they, who won? It doesn’t mean that one is necessarily better than the other but it may be interesting to compare.

Tyr is the man.

He can duel three other heroes and win, as long as you can make a few red matches.

Ghosting, cleansing, hit again, bleeding the enemy. Punch through shields. Rinse and repeat.


In a similar vein, Seshat is the woman (though perhaps not quite as effective because she can’t revive).


Dispel, fast mana and replicating minions means she can tank the slash attacks or specials of most non-sniper heroes. And she can survive specials of some snipers if she has 3 minions up when she gets hit.

I’ve had her win as last-hero-standing against even a last trio of Zeline, Gravemaker and Alasie (though Alasie had like half health). Had another win against an Anzogh, Kadilen and Aegir trio.

Victor vs healers. Especially with Lv11 mana troop as he can reload with 3 ghosted tiles. Stolen HP + DoT that refreshes and raises damage with every aplication is really ideal for endgame.

All you kids, get in line” says Mother North.

If need be, she can revive her entire team to turn the tables around.


Leonidas is no slouch when it comes to one vs one. Mana cut and self heal work wonders in a war of attrition and he has just enough damage to wear opponents down.

I had onatel go against 3 heroes (marjana, obakan, and richard) and was successful in mana controlling them to kingdom come.

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My non-emblemed Noor easily taking out a full emblemed Seshat. She fired at least 3 times, barely any damage getting through the sparrows which slowly took her health down and eventually killed her. It was a slow, but funny battle

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