Raid Gravemaker Tank nvl80


No team is immune to invasion :muscle:
Heroes 4 * are also very good



Too many tile matching mistakes I saw. Skill missuse too.
You got extremely lucky with the chains though haha



:joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes when we watched imagines in various ways could have done and many of them I came to cogitate, the idea of the video encouraging 4star potential players that can be achieved. Thanks for the reviews


Putting two green heroes at “special distance” could lead to bad results… I would have swapped Triton with Caedmon. Even if they died the defensive team and your attacking team doesn’t had ATK modifier heroes, so the tile damage would have been the same even if they were dead (but keeping heroes alive have advantages).


I did not know that during the attack the position of the heroes also makes a difference? Could you explain please, my friend?


Gravemaker hit 3 targets and your green heroes were in that range. Sabina were good there (as a 7DD pic show) but they were not. (Gravemaker deals extra damage to greens)


Now I understand, thank you friend excellent advice, it was my first time Raid against Gravemaker nvl80 I love this forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice demonstration – Hansel is such a great hero in a situation like this.

Also, Triton’s new so you probably haven’t gotten used to using him, but: You had Triton and Sabrina ready at the same time, and her debuff wasn’t going to do anything to help Triton’s attack. So I would have fired Triton first, then Sabina, to improve her healing.


Yes I just forgot, I was excited kkkkk