Raid Glitch Caused Mass Cup Loss...Apparently?

Just did a run of raids and had cups well over 2400 in diamond. A raid glitch wiped all of the progress (add the wins between the two enemy attackd in the pics below; it’s 176 cups. The game reads me at 2300 but my alliance pic shows 2476).

Annoying. I never turned off the game, and while I covered names here, you can see the time frame in which these raids happened and the cup totals.

I got revenged 25 minutes earlier but that’s listed before the last battle I won in the list.

Edit: note my global rank. I’m showing 2300 cups but ranked in the top 58000. That ain’t right.

Edit 2: My alliance profile has me at 2476 cups.

I did reset the game and am 2300 in the tower still. Bizarre.

Posting this in case it’s a thing. Don’t expect anything to be done…though I’d take whatever you’d throw at me.

I have had long delays in my trophy count updating. At one point, I had 4 different amounts, depending on where I looked. I’ve never been right at the edge of an arena though. The Alliance screen has been the most reliable overall.

As I understand it, the Raid Chest goes by what arena you’re in when its filled, not what you’re in when you open it.

@zephyr1 is that accurate?

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That is the opposite of what I’ve observed, but it has been a while. Occasionally if I drop below 2400, I will wait on a finished chest until I win enough to put myself over 2400 again, and the chest is Diamond when I do so.

If that is incorrect, then it sure would save me some annoyance now and then. :wink: But I think I prefer being able to push back to 2400+ when I open a chest.

Good gaming!


Update: it reset back to the right cup count after I got raided again. This is my watchtower (again). Names are wiped, but you can compare pics and times to see I haven’t raided again, but now I’m a 102 cups higher and back in diamond.

This was never about if I was seeing the right cup total. This was the computer took 176 cups off my total and knocked me on its own from diamond to platinum, and I opened a lesser chest because of it. It isn’t a huge deal, but it is annoying. Here’s a pic I just took of where I’m at now.

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