Raid Fun: Challenge - NO Reroll + 1 Team ONLY

That was fun. Went 4-2 with this team.


I almost always do for raids and my first 2 or 3 war flags. I do run a 3-1-1 purple stack that is just game over with 7 purple tiles, but even that is inconsistent sometimes


Started off well, then went downhill


1 team only and break my own trophy record: 3423!


Another day, another 5/6. Didn’t fight any hard teams. Recorded (without any sound) for whoever may wish to see it.


6/6. Not sure if it counts, because I have weak defense on purpose and want to stay at low platinum.
I’ve done attacks at once after logging, so I’ve dropped somehow during attacks (because there was queue of people attacking me).
Recorded only as a proof, forgive very bad quality, but my device doesn’t have enough free space for better one.


Yeah its simple ooooooo wwwwooooowwwwww

Can you give me some tips :rofl:
I’m trying it from 1st day :melting_face:But :grin:

Ohh yeah I think we can’t see success… Or I can’t get success :rofl:

That’s true for wars, unless you’re a team in the top 20ish because then you’ll be winning more than losing (I don’t know how often you match above or below in the top 100, it’s very possible the breakpoint for that is further down).

For raids almost everyone in the game wins more than losing when attacking, but fall down again because of defensive losses.

Again at the top even that isn’t true. You can have a guy in 8th that’s been offline 10 hours that win 5 out of 6 fights. Because the defensive wins gives him 8-12 points and the loss 50.

Editing in my run: I guess it was 7 since I saw this before I was about to log off so I had to take a potion. Rainbow team, no rerolls.


I went 5 wins 1 loss

I lost only against this team:

And I won against these:


Managed 6 Wins. For the last flag I had to wait for my energy to recharge


This is how I test out new Heroes and form teams that work well together. Currently I have
Sorrow as Tank (Limit Broken, fully emblemed)
Nyx (Limit Broken, not fully emblemed)
Ariel (Limit Broken, fully emblemed)
Llianna (Not fully emblemed, not LB)
Roughian & Nurgib (fully emblemed, not LB)
Team power 4884.

They are taking on and beating teams of over 5100 on a regular basis.
It is fun seeing who adds to the team and who doesn’t.