Raid Fun: Challenge - NO Reroll + 1 Team ONLY

This is something i do for myself but thought it’d be fun to see how everyone gets on with it. It’s very simple.
You can either do it when filling a chest or when you have 6 spare raid flags or use a flask if you want to.

Simple rules

  • You can ONLY use 1 team for ALL 6 raids.
  • You’re NOT allowed to reroll, so you must fight whatever team it gives you.

Post your results. Post as much info/details as you want. I went 3-3. I lost 75 trophies but won 97 trophies (so +22 total).

Results: lost, won, won, lost, lost, won.
I used a mono purple team:
cRigard/ Khepri / Ludwig / Sneferu/ Louhi
Total TP including troops: 4,974.
All but 1 were above 5450 TP (the final raid was 5,150, i guess because i lost 2 in a row)

I do this as a little way to just enjoy and not get angry because otherwise it can be frustrating.


Can we do revenge :smiling_imp:
I’ll be with you in this game :grin:
Will mods love to give us an emoji who’ll win all 6 flags with same team…
Can we make this rule :smiley:
All heroes should not be 5 :star:


I’d say no to revenges because you can cherry pick which ones to do. Maybe do the first raid but after that no more.


Sure. I can show you an 0/6 in raids. Shouldn’t be too difficult. It was actually 3/6. 3 wins against teams slightly above my weight class ~5k, and 3 losses against ~5400 teams. Used a 3-2 green/blue 4.6 team. Naddha, naddha, CMel, krampus, lolo. Not surprising.


Still sounds like fun. Can I practice once and see if it’s possible to play?


Ok once I get home from work I’ll do it sounds like fun

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I went 2-4 and lost 24 points. But almost beat a couple teams I thought would crush me.


Hmm maybe see how much traction this topic gets :+1:


I went 5-1 lost to a team I should’ve beat because of that think I only won 42 cups all together
I used
Hypnos 1Lb
Hathor 2Lb
Mistweaver 2Lb
Aramis 2Lb
Myoin-ni. 2Lb


I tried … lost 5 out of 6 raids … now I remember why I don’t go searching for the proverbial fight …
But it certainly was an interesting challenge!
Thanks :blush:

“He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day”.


This is what I always do! No reroll, no revenge, no second/third chances to beat a team, just 6 attacks against 6 whoevers.

I use:

  • cb G Jackal lb1 +20
  • Partial cb Lord Loki lb2 +20 (levelling costume still)
  • costume White Rabbit lb1 +20
  • cb (1 costume) Kiril lb1 +20
  • Faline lb1 +20

My average is winning 5/6 attacks. I do think I have more bad days now than before lb2, but I still get enough 6/6’s to average out to 5/6

My 6 attacks for right now -
Starting at 2487 cups. 1st attack won +22 cups. 2nd attack win +48 cup. 3rd attack win +49 cups. 4th attack win +34 cups. 5th attack loss -26 cups. 6th attack win +14 cups. End with 2628, +141 total.


Funny thing about this game is that regardless of what strategy you use, you’ll eventually settle down to where you win 50% of your fights over time. The randomness keeps it interesting. But unless you change your strategy to include intentionally losing when it doesn’t matter to you, you will rise or fall to the level where you win/lose 50%.

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Flasked it as i’d just done my chest.

I lost the first two and won the next four. This was a surprise as I have been getting my ■■■ handed to me all day on raids.

Team: Alucard, Matilda, c. Rigard, Goseck, Francine, all 1 LB, max blems, apart from Matilda who only has 10 blems.

TP is 4956. No troops higher than level 16 and Ive just noticed that somehow Alucard has got a level 3 troop on him that I didnt assign. Must have happened when I went mono on a titan (we should be able to assign troops to heroes so that they stay in place unless manually changed).

Fun challenge :metal:


6 for 6 rainbow attack team ( 1.5 speed)


Heavy team youve got there.



Ludwig alfrike director z arco lucy (who is awesome by the way)

Not the hardest opppnents but some good heroes there. Couple of the matches looked like losses but got lucky

Hard to do the one team kills all style because i end up badly missing a dispeller half the time

I did record but doubting anyone cares enough to watch.


Love that you went rainbow


Tried… Played 3 match

But then mistakenly rerolled so I’m out of game for now :sweat_smile: But I’ll back :sunglasses:

No success one more time…

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This is actually how I always play raids. Never thought it is considered a challenge :slight_smile:


Same, way too lazy to change teams and way too food stingy to reroll - I usually skip those POV.

Yesterday 6/6
This morning 4/6

Raid team is: Phen, el nad, fogg, guan yu, vandaC

Have a salmon Loki defense set up so usually start my raid chest in lower/mid diamond tier