Raid frustrations

I will start off by saying that I do not expect to win every raid. I also know they are part of the game. But can someone explain to me the monkey math that is being used to match me against teams that are 400 points higher than mine and then Show trophy offer of something like +14/-50??? I get SLAUGHTERED every time. Like not even taking out a single hero slaughtered. But that is the best matchup I get after many rerolls. Invariably my boards dry up. No combos for three straight matches? While they charge their powers relentlessly and just hammer me. I had two of three raids where I couldn’t set off a single special. I know this is a game but the the raids are getting to be worse than the ridiculous matchups they give in alliance wars (don’t get me started on that mess). Just venting. No need to reply back with condensending replies. I get it. Just letting out frustration.


You have climbed up the ranking and start to face stronger teams. Thumbsup for the hard and good work. :+1:

Perhaps your hero collection is not strong and diverse enough for the cup range that you reached before you got slaughtered relentlessly. It happens to all of us sometimes, who have yet to progress quite a bit further.

Touché! Well done. Thank you, I needed that.

Opponent matching is done by trophies count. Fact that you could gain 14 and lose 50 means that your trophy count was much higher than that of your enemy. It might happen because you raided actively and was not revenged, while your opponent was massively attacked or cup dropped.

Sometimes it happens. You can either accept the challenge or reroll.

I suggest no getting so wrapped up in cups and TP. Try to raid opponents with +36 cups or better. If you can’t beat teams with a positive cup differential then you have probably raided yourself up too far for your team. People will come take cups and balance you out. As your team gets stronger you will average up.

Do you have players for color stacking?

Not sure what color stacking is

Stacking is a common term for using several heroes of a same color.

Have a look at this:

to readers digest what @SuuriKoira gave you, it is using two or more heros of a strong color against the enemy. So if the enemy has a red tank you would use 2 or more blues. This makes your blues hit harder against the red tank taking it out quicker.

What I mostly care about is getting my chests filled quickly. Sometimes when doing that I end up in the top 100 and I do yay, sometimes not.

Understanding that focus, what I do after the chest is full is reroll until I find really hard opponents. If I lose, then that’s a win because my cups drop and I’m more likely to get weaker opponents when I want to fill my chest. If I win, then that’s a win because because I won against a “scary” line up. And bonus, it lets me learn/practice/experiment in a situation where I don’t care if I win or lose.

@Dandcoug A lot of players will use a cup dropping strategy periodically so they can better farm the Wanted:Heroes chest. So you’re probably getting paired against a lot of stronger players (higher normal TP) with relatively low cups. It’s no fun to reroll and end up with someone who has 400 more TP than you and 200 fewer cups. I hate that too!

Color stacking is the only sure-fire method of ensuring that you can make diamonds out of the colors left out of the team until you are wiped out :joy:


I don’t raid, only revenge, and twice now for sure I’ve come back to the game to find that I’ve been raided by someone whose stats are 1300+ higher than mine, and I LOST 45-47 CUPS – on an AI defence!

And on trying to revenge, I lose even more cups!

How is that fair? For one thing, I didn’t raid them, they raided me!

Calcs re cup losses on raids should take into consideration that someone has far lower stats, no??

I’m around 3000. Why is it the game always gives me opponents with team strength 100 to 500 higher than me? I’ve got to believe there are plenty of players near 3000 TS. This forces me to throw away food on a reroll. And sometimes it can take as many as 10 reroll to get a fair match.

To me this feels like an intentional mechanic designed to use our food up for a fair fight.

Its all about the trophies amount you have, the system is getting you opponents who have same range of trophies like yours. Not about the Team power my friend.
And also If you want to grow up your cups try to hit who ever has 40+ cups, stack 3 cards with the color that more stronger than the opponent tank (centeral hero) and you will kill it and win. Exmp. 3 dark vs yellow tank.
Have a great day.

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