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Elena, Sif or LotL in the Double formation as Tank = wow!

This is very interesting category!
Thanks all for sharing & make me rethink my set up & team to pick

What do you think of Zulag with the new possibilities ?

I actually saw & fought Zulag in a “W” formation.
She was superb!
As she could utilize her skills on everyone for protection.
But it still comes to a certain cost.
Which I was able to dispel everyone by using Evelyn.
Bottom line is, unless you get someone at the tank position who can protect any new buff like “Brynhild”.
You will then pay the price for it!

An update on my test Double formation.

After I set it yesterday, didn’t get many attacks in the first 8 hours. About 50% success but still dropped from 2551 to 2509 cups.

Then went on a chest filling run which brought the cups up to 2688. Along the way, beat 2 Reverse (Heimdall Tank, Odin Tank) and 1 Double teams (Brynhild + BK) (There’s video if anyone is interested). Left it at that score overnight and as expected got lots of attacks at that score.

19 attacks within the first hour I was logged off. Went 11-8 and lost 155 cups. After that there were only 2 attacks. Lost both and is back at 2485, which is actually where my standard defense normally hangs out.

Hard to tell if the formation is making people avoid attacking at around 2500 cups (i.e not worth the risk) or it’s just an RNG thing. So gonna leave it for the time being

Reverse does seem the most challenging. But its possible to play as if its a typical tank battle, provided you have a good counter to the tank, and you play it carefully.

Here are 5 raids I did vs an alliance member. In the first one I had no idea that C Marjanna does an attack down on ice heroes - couldn’t recover from that mistake.

Overall it was quite a fun challenge to try to get my Skadi ready at the same time as triggering the middle Freya at the same time avoiding triggering C Marjanna’s attack down whilst at the same time not getting obliterated by the two storng AOEs. With this formation there are a lot more factors to consider than in the standard formation

PS: Play muted as there are background noises!

The W formation is a double edged sword as the tank can use their special on everyone but your hit 3s (hello, Proteus?) can also become AOE.

There’s no question that Proteus, Grimm and the 4* elemental def down heroes become stronger against the M and W formations.
The more interesting question, to me at least, is “Is it better for the defense if the attacker uses up one spot for a 4* hero instead of their regular attacking lineup?” since 4* heroes have lower stats and are crunchier

I often use 4* heroes just because they are a better fit, despite the lower survivability.

C Rig - heal & cleanse at pseudo fast
C Kiril - D down in blue at pseudo fast same as Skadi
Proteus - Second mana control option alongside Zocc at pseudo fast

Other 4s that still make it into wars over 5s include C Melendor, Mist, Lady Wool, C BT, G Falcon, Wilbur, Colen, Sumle, Kiril with C bonus

So I guess I would say for me personally as I anyway use 4s if there is an opportunity to make a 4 stronger then even more business case for bringing them along


Considering how deep your bench is, I think you’ll beat the best defense I put out regardless of what formation I use :smiley:
I guess my point is, the idea of using a risky defense is to catch people off-guard and make them deploy heroes or strategies they don’t normally use. From the comments in the other thread, there are quite a number of players who hate switching heroes out of their raid team.

I actually hope that lots of people find the Double and Reverse Double useless so that it’s rare when raiding.

Yes, it does seem the most challenging but its is still possible to play.

In fact, Skadi is very powerful against minion summoner. This factor is huge (much more than the formation factor.) And this is why I didn’t put minion summoner on the best team in A-formation.

I think you should try A-formation defense, “Gravemaker, Finley, Heimdel, Jabberwock, Odin” or “Frigg, Finley, Gravemaker, Jabberwock, Odin”.

It isn’t only 4* become stronger. There are many 5* also become stronger too, for example, Athena (5* Grimm), Hel (5* Proteus), Gravemaker, Drake Fong, Kingston, Guardian Panther, Frida etc.

To be honest I don’t think I can be bothered playing around with my own defense, it is just nice to fight some different looking defenses. Besides out of that list I only have Frigg.

I agree that Skadi is pretty much OP against minion summoners. I won 4/5 of those raids with the first one a loss because I didn’t know C Marjanna had that extra debuff on ice heroes. That is despite it being a formation that is far from optimal for Skadi.

Ok, which heros do you use if you have to attack A-formation defense, “Gravemaker, Finley, Heimdel, Jabberwock, Odin” and “Frigg, Finley, Gravemaker, Jabberwock, Odin” ? (I am just curiosity.)

I would most likely bring Myztero Lady Loki C Rigard Zocc and Grazul or Proteus depending on my mood

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Yup, and personally I’m more than willing to make the tradeoff of making things easier for the 20% of players who have those HoTMs in order to make things harder for the 80% who don’t.

As a C2P with my current roster of heroes, a good defense is not one that can hold off stronger players. It’s one that can win against equivalent or lower strength players. YMMV of course

Yes, I have only 1 HoTM, Musashi. But I still think Grimm/Tiburtus/Gormek and Proteus do very good job against M or W formation.

I think it is better if the defense can hold off stronger players and also win against equivalent or lower strength players. In fact, the defense team with x5 fast/very fast is the hardest defense for lower strength players, no matter what the formation is. Because of this, the defense with x4 or x5 fast/very fast with A formation will do good job on both hold off stronger players and win against equivalent or lower strength players.

Some raid videos against Double formation with 3 different tanks

  1. Finley - BK - Brynhild - Freya - Joon+CB
    That Brnyhild undispellable is a pain. Forgot about it the first time I hit BK with Onyx. Waited it out the 2nd time :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. MN - Krampus - Sif - Hel - Queen of Heart

  3. Magni - Freya - LoTL - Santa - Malosi

Went purple mono vs all 3
Grimble because there are minion summoners (Would have use Proteus otherwise)
Onyx for dispel and also prevent buff against the taunters and riposters. Also becomes hit all at 2 charges.
Clarissa for the DoT and hit 3
cRigard for heal and cleanse
Sabina for heal and dispel all

So, with the current new extravaganzza signed by SG (formations, of course) will the notion of tank become a thing of the past? A tank, as we understand the notion today, makes sense only if it stands in the direct line of enemy fire, being the defense’s main shield against the attacker’s tiles. In the curent global beta formations, the standard pointed at the enemy, V shaped, formation is the only one that has a tank. All other formations have different systems of incoming tiles sharing, bringing us to a point where the most important piece of defensive gear, the allmighty tank, losses it’s meaning. So, will tanks become extinct, turning into something else, or will people choose the classic tank based V shape for their defense? Also, will this change the way wars are waged? Will the coordinated tank color strategy fall into oblivion? Will this diminnish the impact of monochrome teams? What are your thoughts on this matter. Please share!


I think the formations will change the game for the good. Especially if they give us the option to change them in alliance wars and raid tournaments.

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My current 3/2 has 2 tanks in the front sooooo im doing ok i guess


I’m tired of seeing the same 3 to 4 usual tanks in raids anyways.

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