Raid Formations Are In Exactly The Wrong Place

I know that this post will be pushed into the shadows within minutes, and I also know that there is 0% chance of this suggested change ever coming about. But …

Raid formations are OK, but implemented exactly 100% wrong. Right now, they only function in the main leaderboard raids, where they do absolutely no good. They just make filling the daily boxes more difficult. They don’t change the strategic choices of the game in a meaningful way - they just strengthen the defense in a place where defense is unimportant. (So long as I keep my cups around 2400, I don’t care how many I have - in fact, having more actually makes filling the boxes more difficult) I just skip the teams with the reverse formations when aiming for my 40 enemies, which means that my net food gain from daily boxes is a bit lower. What good does that do?

Different raid formations should be employed only in wars. Winning or losing in wars matters (for the participants) and making certain formations possible or mandatory would add to the strategic choices faced by the player.

Designing a good defense is important in wars; it’s meaningless and annoying in ordinary raids.


Well what I enjoy most about this game is wars and then raids. I play everyday and wars aren’t daily so most of my day to day enjoyment of the game comes from raids. I really enjoy tweaking my defense and waking up a little higher every day, I enjoy strategizing to beat tough defenses and making it to the top 100 or trying new heroes before I max them without the pressure of losing and screwing over my allies. So my vote is no, leave raids as they are cause that’s where I get my fun from and raid formations is a big part of it. If you just want to fill chests I’d suggest that you simply cup drop and climb back to 2400 to open the chest. A lot of my allies do so and it seems to work for them.

You do however get my vote for implementing formations in raids.

New player here… haven’t gotten to HA yet. Gating formations behind something that far into development is kind of silly if you ask me.


I would kind of vote against this. You say there’s no meaningful change except it makes a part of the game harder…how is that not a meaningful change? Easy is often no fun and it takes a bit of the shine off the feeling of pride when you fill your hero chest in 8 flags because, well I don’t know about you but for me, it doesn’t happen every day.

I would vote for formations to be added as an additional war rule. That would make things a bit more intresting and possibly frustrating as well. Could add it to the rotation like, Rush War - Reverse Defense - Undead Horde - Reverse Double defense - Arrow Attack - Double Defense - War Equaliser…Or maybe even add them to a current war rule, like Rush/Reverse defense War :thinking:

I dunno, what I do know is that the formations makes raids more intresting than they otherwise would be and I think they should stay… or maybe be expanded, but defintely not removed. Just one persons opinion

Game Well :sunglasses:

I’d rather keep them in raids and leave war formations as is

Just leave them as is and if anything I am all in for implementing formation in the wars, I enjoy raids the most in this game and I would like it to be extended to the rest of it.

I am totally against formations in war. It would further strengthen randomness. Its already complicated enough to make six good hits against well coordinated teams with same tank color and often same flank color.
And you have only six flags every war, no room for trial&error.

Happy gaming

Exactly. What’s the point of making it easy on people filling their chests? Might as well just slap in 5 Aifes and call it a day. Everyone enjoys making it more difficult to raid and if you say you don’t, I don’t believe it.

Whats the point of formations anyways if there is no intention to use them in any capacity? Personally i try not to raid against anything but normal formations unless its a large amount of food available. Leave the normal formations alone DONT change war formations.

I actually like the idea that was floated that specific wars have a formation tied to them. It would make normal raids that much more impactful because you can try out a formation for a couple days in defense, and then selectively raid against people in the same formation to see what works with your heroes.

I also like having formations in general, but would not want to have all formations in a single war. That would lead to way to much randomness with limited resources (heroes) and opportunity (flags).