Raid formations and hero roster

Hi guys, I’ve been looking at the teams I’ve got in my hero roster and I’ve got eleven teams in various stages of assention and I realised that some of them would work better in raid formations other that the standard formation I have been using.So basically what I want to know is if I have team one in my hero roster using the standard raid formation could I set team two in a different raid formation without it affecting the first team,again basically can I set different teams in different formations in the hero roster

You can only set one defense team and you can only change the formation for your defense. So no, you can’t.

On offense there is no difference.

But theoretical you can set your first team as standard def team and the second team like you would stand it for example reverse double. And when you switch your formation from standard to reverse double you select team two as your defense team. I would say that is pretty much useless because you block one team this way, but theoretical possible.

Ok thanks for the info

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