Raid forcing me to use team #2



This just started happening today. I have team #1 as both my attack and defense team. When I go into raids, it shows the correct defense team, but as soon as I find an opponent, it switches to team #2. If I then edit that team, it switches back to team #2 as soon as I close the editing screen. It plays with team #2 no matter which team I selected in editing.

For now I can work around this by changing team #2 to be identical to team #1, but this is costing me the functionality of a team slot.

Is this happening to anyone else?


AngiMathocist, after finding the opponent can you swipe horizontally to change your selected team?


I had this few times, and due to that I had to edit team before I get in the raid.
It show you the correct team you need but in the game it switch you to another team of yours unless you EDIT the team you are raiding with before you go.


I can go into “edit team” and swipe horizontally to select another team. BUT as soon as I hit “apply” it closes that screen and switches me back to team #2. The selection does not stick like it used to.


Don’t swip horizontally bro, just exactly edit the team replace the heros as it should be then apply.


The problem is that although I can go into the edit screen, if I swipe to select anything other than team #2, it puts me right back to team #2 as soon as I hit “apply” to exit the edit screen. I can edit team #2 to the heroes I want to use, but I can only use team #2.

So although I am still able to do raids with the correct team, I can no longer see my heroes organized the way I want in my heroes roster, and I can no longer use all 5 team slots the way I want to keep different teams for different purposes. (Or at least, I can’t do both of those at once.) It’s a major pain and it doesn’t make any sense. Especially since it was working properly until less than a day ago.


Telling you bro not to swip just edit #2 with the formation you need then apply.
It happen to me too with team 5# I just edit it self to what ever I need then apply.
In the match heros are just what I want.


Have you tried this?


OH! Whoa, l never noticed I could swipe from that screen, without going into edit mode first! That does seem to work. Thank you so much! I feel a little stupid now.