Raid flask overload – ability to swap Raid Flasks for other types of Flasks

I have 46 raid flasks, i dont raid i revenge :blush:
It would be nice to be able to swap them for other flasks. ie 5 raid flasks for 1 titan flask or world energy flasks. Maybe? Just a thought :blush:

I have more flasks than you… I’ve only used them a few times…trying to waste em for the chest rewards earlier in my day .

If I had em in real life I would use them to bless ships when naming them :passenger_ship::sailboat::ship:
Cuz I have no other use for them…

I would like to swap em for Titan flasks :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: but that would never happen…so unless I become a maniac and decide to hit the top :100: then they will forever collect dust in my inventory


I never have any raid flasks. I use them as soon as possible to quickly fill my raid chest.

My main goals are food and getting elemental chests.

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I usually fill my wanted heroes daily , but it’s just difficult in high diamond tier … I don’t try doing it twice a day …

I’m always maxed on food… can u believe I make Big mana pots or miracle receive scrolls just to avoid seeing the maxed foods daily???
If I did have more bloody recruits then food use would never be so high

On a side note, Elemental chests… which I used to adore… The last 2 I got…were awfully disappointing… I got an oricahalum nugget, and gems and emblems as my best items … I think troop token… But no 4* ascension mats … I think I did manage a study shield last in one but sadly not lucky with either so don’t look FWD to them lo

Maybe teh God’s favour your elemental chest rewards , the by all means go get em! :metal:

The game gods aren’t very generous with my elemental chest rewards either. The best I can hope for is to try and get them as often as possible for at least a CHANCE of getting something good.

I have lots of recruits, no food :persevere:

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