Raid features

To make raids balanced set all hero’s mama rate to average. In many cases the defensive team gets twice as many supers off than attackers. 4 out of my 6 raids that’s happened the attackers can’t win and it’s frustrating. This is why for a while I did not bother to raid. It needs to be about strategy not speed.

I see where you’re going with this but we’ll see defenses similar to very fast wars. Maybe you could make the best mana speed average?

There is a general reason why heroes have varying mana speed generation. People will cry why their very fast heroes, mostly suffering from lackluster specials (GM, Clarissa, Myztero, etc.) will have to be on average mana. SG’s idea was to somehow balance them, though the game is not really maintaining such balance due to power creep.

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I really enjoy reading ideas but I’m pretty sure the ONLY way to balance things is to revisit older heroes ATK DEF and HP stats and fix them.

Some cases like Quintus x Killhare and Isarnia x Frigg… even if they are set in the same mana speed, one of them will still be mediocre. Just a little example.

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