Raid equalizer


How about a new way to play raids? A little bit more option to choose between a stonger and a weaker player? But with a catch: if you choose most weaker players, you get slight disadvantage, but if you choose to play stronger, you get minor advantage so great might is not per se better?


Attacker already has a huge advantage, giving more advantage for attacking high power teams would really break the game.


I am new. I am only level 5. When I try to raid it matches me with level 15. Please do something about level playing
I want to grow as much as the next one but I can’t go after three star people when mine or only one star. Please level the field.


Paulellisparker, levels are not taken in consideration for the matches offered. Neither are team powers. Only the cups matter (more exactly, the difference between cups). You’re getting matches with stronger players because you did well with your small heroes. :slight_smile:
So, level up your heroes, get some 2*s, don’t worry about raids much at the moment.


Thanks I guess

I still don’t see why 50 cups are paired with 200 + cups.


The range for matching is +/- 280 cups (or 300, or something like that). The game considers that if you have 100 cups and the opponent has 300 cups you have the same chances of winning as if you had, for example, 2100 cups and the opponent had 2300 cups. There’s some math behind that, called Elo ranking.