Raid draws?

So I raided a counterpart and with his final attack he took out my boril who had his special armed, perfect riposte, which subsequently took out his final hero, so why is considered a defeat for me when both teams were taken out. Surely this should call for either a draw or a re-match.

I imagine that you need someone to be alive to carry the loot home. Therefore you lose if all your heroes die, even if you kill all the defenders.


I’ll carry the loot back myself. But if there is no one defending it either it should work both ways. A fair out come would be a free re-match, a draw where both people walk away with what they came with or some sort of penalty shoot out style finish.

If two boxers knock each other out at the same time neither of them walk out winners and I feel this instance should be the same.

In boxing, if there is a draw, the champion (defense team) retains the belt. The challenger (you) gets a pat on the back and a chance for a rematch

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This. You are the challenger. You did not beat them. Therefor, your challenge was unsuccessful.

You should get credit for 5 kills in your hero chest :slight_smile:

Defense team is barely a champion at the level I’m at. If anything we are both aspiring amateurs.

You’re the attacker though so you are “challenging” their defense.

I fully understood that, honestly didn’t need it explaining again, I was actually just joking about my standards.

I think that’s ok as you start the raid. So if both Teams are dead the Defender usually have better cards even IRL.
But I was quite upset when having Alberich in my enemies line and he brought 3 heroes back. I killed them all again but only 5 heroes were added to my chest. Fair would be to get 8 instead.

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