Raid Disfunctional

The other day, was raided by entity with team strength of 3807; cups = 2192 vs my defense team of 3536. End results were I LOST 33 cups. Would just as soon have the ability to OPT-OUT of raiding with these odds.

Opt it out of your head. Cups doesn’t really matter. Just raid to have fun beating far stronger teams.

Stupidly you’ll often be this far better team yourself. That’s the game.


Cups gained and lost are not based on your relative defense team power against the attackers team power. They are only based on the amount of cups you have against the amount of cups the opponent has. If you have more cups and they win, they win a large amount of cups. If you have less cups and they win, they win a smaller amount of cups.

Cups do matter if you are trying to stay in platinum or diamond leagues, and for raid matchmaking.

I like to “cup drop” of field a defense team 500+ team power weaker than my best team, then knock out my raid chest easy through revenge attacking. If this means that i do not make it into diamond league, then so be it, i would rather have a platinum chest reward every 14 hours than struggle through diamond league.

My max Team Power is around 3820 with two max 5* heroes.