Raid Defense Team Suggestion

Hello everybody I was wondering how I should set up my raid defense teams? I usually level/am leveling heroes for events and wars, but I was wondering if anyone could lend me some tips on how to set up my raid defense?

I’m usually more of an offensive player but any help would be great!

I’d probably go

Kingston - Ariel - Marie Therese - Grazul - Sonya

But I’m pretty awful at arranging lineups and honestly don’t remember stats/mana speeds for Marie Therese and Grazul.

Marie is slow and Grazul is very Fast

Then I’d probably go

Grazul - Ariel - Marie - Kingston - Sonya

Awkward… Both Sonya and Ariel (dispel and cleanse) want to be on the left hand side of the team, but two blues together is asking for trouble so one of them has to be out of position.

I wouldn’t put healers both on the same side either, so Grazul and Ariel shouldn’t be next to each other - it’s too easy to ignore throwing tiles down that side and then tidy up the healers afterwards.

If I’m honest, there’s just not enough “bite” in running:
Sonya, Grazul, M-T, Ariel, Kingston.

It’s just not threatening enough… I wouldn’t think twice about attacking it.

Ranvir might be worth putting in there over one of the healers (let’s be honest, Ariel stays in over Grazul all day long)… He’s only an average defender, but when he’s fired he’ll sometimes turn a fight for you.

It looks a great bench in general though and it’s probably a good thing that you haven’t prioritized hero’s on defensive ability alone.

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