Raid defense team question

My current team and roster in () looks like this:

Valen 3/50 (Sonya 2/44 and Ulmer 3/50)

Sabina 3/8 (Tyrum 3/28, Balthezar 1/1))

Caedmon3/16 (Belith 3/50, Brienne 3/28 and Berden 1/1)

Bane 3/50 (Chao 3/1, Gan Ju 3/32, Kailani 1/1)

Jahangir 3/50 (Azar 2/7)

My question is when should I start using my 4*s in my defense team? In particular should I be using Chao rather than Bane? Chao has better stats in defense, health and his special. Only his tile damage is lower than Bane’s. It seems to me that Chao is the better defender, or am I missing something?

My goal is to get three solid 3* teams leveled up before focusing on 4s. I have been leveling up my 4s in spots where I lacked 3* heroes worth leveling. With blue for example, I don’t have Gunnar yet. Therefore, I’ve been leveling Sonya.

All suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Pw Att Def H
Bane 3/50 432 469 410 693
Chao 3/60 555 504 561 926

Chao is better than Bane. If you want to wait until 3/40 (more or less) also will be better on attack.

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You’re doing it right: looking at the stats: tile damage, defense, health and special. Those do decide the better hero.

If you were looking at level, number of ascensions and energy instead, you’d be making wrong assessments. Though as a rule of thumb a 4star hero at lvl 50 of the 3rd ascension will be better than a maxed 3star.

You don’t mention why you’re prioritising 3stars over 4stars though. In the long run the 4stars will last you a lot longer. I suppose you’re growing wide rather than deep. For titans and raids it’s better to grow deep. For AW and events growing wide is useful as you’ll want a larger roster to pick from.

A choice between Chao/Bane isn’t very significant now, I agree. But it will be once you’ve maxed Chao though!

But you shouldn’t be looking at just these heroes and comparing them. You should also be looking at the roles they can potentially have. You want a tank, a strong center hero that has good survivability. In your current roster Sabina and Sonya are your best tanks (when maxed). And then there’s healing: you need at least 1 healer and personally I like to have 2. Also it’s not good to let your healer be your tank unless they are a very, very potent tank. The other 2 positions are your damage dealers, preferably with useful debufs.

So for now I’d take Sonya as tank, Sabina and Belith as healers, and add Chao and Jahangir as damage dealers. Yes that’s a rainbow team, I prefer those on defense. I’d prioritize maxing these for now. Belith and Jahangir in the corners because they’re weakest. And look for a replacement healer for Belith so you can add Caedmon to the team. Hope for a Boldtusk, that’d be your dream replacement, also because Jahangir is next on your list to replace, with a 4 star.

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Thanks for the clear answer!

I’m prioritizing 3s for two reasons. They are faster to level up than the 4s. I’ve only been playing for a month. So, I don’t have the mats to max out my 4s yet. Secondly, as you mentioned, I want a wide roster so that I can mix and match my team to better fit the situation as well as help my team out a bit more in wars. 3s allow me to do that better since I have about thirty 3s to choose from, but only five 4s and one 5*.