Raid defense team - help sought

good evening to all sorry if I do not write well English I’m using the translator.
then having many heroes I would try to have a good raid defense, now I will post my images of heroes …
thanks x the help

Hi, I adjusted the title to be clearer to native English speakers.

Given what you have currently leveled up, your Squad 1 looks fine. I would arrange them:

Boldtusk - Isarnia - Li Xiu - Rigard - Caedmon

You might try using Cyprian instead of Rigard in that spot and see whether your cups hold better.

Looking deeper in your bench, you should be focusing on these heroes, using matched-color training (feed purple heroes only to other purple heroes, etc.):

  • Purple: Tibertus
  • Yellow: Wu Kong
  • Blue: Kiril
  • Green: (feed these to Wu Kong until you get a new green hero)
  • Red: Scarlett

None of these are likely to end up on your defense squad over what you’re using now, though. They will greatly enhance your team against titans and deepen your bench for raiding and wars.

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hello and thanks x the help you gave me now I put all the opera…comunque if I take rigard and I put ciprian in the end I do not keep curators !?

do you think the troops I hold which I should use?Screenshot_20190201-174949_Empires

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