Raid defense team - Bane or Kailani? Gormek or Lancelot?

Hi all, hoping I could get advice :slight_smile:

My hero bench is very small, so I don’t have many choices. I’m new and don’t plan to spend more (I did buckle and pay 1.09€ for 200 gems during Avalon, and was rewarded with Lancelot - yay!)

Currently I’m running:

Proteus 3/60 (still need 2 trap tools)
Aegir 2/60 (waiting on a 4th warm cape) - my only 5*
Gormek 4/70
Mnesseus 3/50

all special skills 8/8

my only other 4* or above is Lancelot, but he’s new at 1/19.

my questions:

  1. who is better for my raid DEFENSE team - Bane or Kailani? both 3/50 with 8/8. for raid offense I usually use Bane. but I know that for offense, I should pick and choose depending on the opponent

  2. Do you also have placement advice? right now I have (empty spot) - Proteus - Aegir - Gormek - Mnesseus. Proteus is a bit too squishy IMO to be center, but I can’t put him on the very side or he’ll never gain enough mana. Aegir goes in middle so when he activates, he benefits both Gormek and Proteus.

  3. I pulled Sir Lancelot, but he’s only 1/19 now. When he’s maxed out, should I keep him or Gormek ?

  4. Should I drop someone for Belith (on her way to maxing!) or Hawkmoon (already maxed)? if so, who?

thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Kailani can be very annoying but you have already Aegir so Bane is better
    With Lancelot
    Belith-Gormek-Aegir-Lance-Proteus(I dont like it but this is better than 2 reds in center)
    3.Them both, keep every 4* and 5*
    4.Look point 2

Some tips
You need 30+ 3*+ heores for wars. Aegir is one of the worst heroes(if you dont have/get another blue hero ascend him to 3^70 but dont max him. Proteus is annoying on deffense :slight_smile:

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Kailani’s place is on quest, event or map teams where you can feed her mana, not on raid defense, where she would be basicly useless, because she is not though enough for tank duty and in any other position she either would never get charged or she would get charged too late for her special to make a difference…

You got three great heroes there: Gormek, Proteus and Lancelot. Build a defense around them. Aegir is just too low to be taken seriously… At 4/80 he may be a great tank but at 2/60 he is a joke… Gormek seems to be your best tank option for now… He is resilient as hell and his special is quite useful.

Don’t expect wonders from your current defense. Get more 4* heroes in order to create a strong and versatile team. Concentrate on 4*, because 5*, even if you will get them soon, you are a very long way from unlocking their true potential. When you have a strong 4* team, that will enable you to access most aspects of the game, then it is time to think about gathering ascension mats for your 5* heroes.

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Hi Radar1, Ian487, thank you very much! You’ve given me a lot of good advice.

I’m now running Bane-Proteus-Gormek-Aegir-Mnesseus.

I figure Mnesseus is best beside Aegir because they are “opposite” elements, and in my opinion Mnesseus is more important to keep alive than Bane (more useful skill effect in debuffing vs. Bane’s accuracy drop, slightly better stats, more % damage from skill, and is in the same “family” as Proteus)!

Working hard on leveling Belith and Lance. Also running full steam on the stronghold/training camp, just reached level 14 and saving up for level 15.

And I agree about Aegir, he’s only around because I don’t have any other 4* and 5* options. Can’t wait to pull some more 4*s so I can drop him :slight_smile:

Not ignoring my other 3*s, either! Been using them for events, Titans, wars and raids. Right now I have:

Valen, Kailani, Hawkmoon, Carver (all maxed 3/50 with 8/8 skills)

in queue for leveling (in rough order of priority): Belith (priority), Bergen, Tyrum, Nashgar, Namahage, Jahangir, Oberon, Vlad, Renfeld, Graymane, Dawa, Isshtak

It’s been very helpful having a deeper bench :slight_smile:

thanks again!

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