Raid defense suggestions

Thoughts on this defense? Mitsuko is more tanky, but I don’t think she punishes a bad board as much… I went the attack route with her so far, not sure if that was a mistake…?

My other maxed 5*s; Frida, Obakan, Guardian Panther, Marjana, Leonidas.

…. oh, you want my thoughts? My thoughts are “no thanks, think I’ll reroll”. :grin:

Sorry, I shouldn’t even be replying on this thread as I have nothing useful to contribute. Aside from… congratulations on building a team that would make my heroes poop their pants. :+1:

Just killing time while waiting on flags to finish Frostmarch.

EDIT: actually I do have something somewhat relevant to contribute…

I know it’s your defense team and you’re not actually using it for attacks, but seriously with the minor potions? C’mon man, I know you have better battle items. :laughing:


I can’t decide if Mitsuko should be the tank :stuck_out_tongue: if so, I may have made a mistake going the attack route on emblems… I can take her to +9, I’m just out of food.

Yes, I have better battle items, I just never bothered to change those. :joy:

I know, I’m just goofing around :grin:
I don’t have anything important to work on at the moment so I’m just doing random things and posting stupid stuff to amuse myself, feel free to ignore me. :crazy_face:

I haven’t been fortunate enough to pull any of those heroes and I don’t raid in diamond, so my advice is useless. All I can say is that as a platinum 4* 3600 TP player, your team looks ■■■■ scary to me. Maybe I could kill it with a good color stack + Wu Kong tile combo.

IIRC, Hel is supposed to be one of the better tanks. Though Mitsuko does have beefier stats? They both hurt opponent mana. No real color conflict either way. Both hitters, both average mana, and you’ve got Ariel there for healing. Seems pretty solid to me either way, but I’m no expert :man_shrugging:

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I never really considered anything but rainbow. Won’t panther be kinda fragile? Poseidon has my emblems

I should probably mention I’m also in the process of maxing Drake Fong.

Possibly but the offensive gain from Panther + A second Purple while (possibly) encouraging a yellow stack (thereby guarding your purpled) might make it balanced.

For a war w yellow tanks it would be very strong. Raid defence - less so.

Keep in mind I don’t have Hel, so my experience w her is limited.

I run seshat/Drake/Khiona (or Victor) as my middle 3 in our current war set up and last war absorbed 10 flags.

We use yellow tanks. I’m gonna put that defense for tomorrow’s war and see what happens. Thanks!

What do you think of Hel tank and Mitsuko flank? I just maxed Mitsuko and used the emblems… already worried I made a mistake.

Also don’t have Mitsu, but when she’s not tank I don’t notice her as I run mono so her special is partly wasted on whoever I bring

Right. I try to assume that the opponent won’t bring any ice heroes and judge her that way. Tanky, hits reasonably, mana cut. I thought she was tanky enough at flank so I figured I should up her attack.

I don’t have another red I’m crazy about. :confused: wish I could run a gravemaker flank. I pulled Marjana because I want her emblems on Jackal… no other candidates for sorcerer emblems besides Sabina…

I’ve found Marj’s dodge surprisingly frustrating to fight against recently.

I’d run Gravy all day every day. He’s one of the top 4 “gotta hit first” heroes when I attack.

Me too, but I don’t have him :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not crazy about any of my other red or green emblems. Hoping for Kingston.

Maybe I should have kept Marjana over Mitsuko.

I should introduce myself; Hi, I’m Stephen. I’m indecisive and always second guessing every decision :stuck_out_tongue:

But are you always indecisive?

Almost. Then after I beat a subject to death and finally go through with something, I start thinking about how I probably made a mistake :rofl:

You sure about that?

Not anymore… what have you done? :sob:

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