Raid Defense Lineup

These are the selected hero’s I’m trying to work with. Need help choosing the right line up to use for raid defense . Any advice? Thanks!

You could try Caed/Hansel, Mitsuko, Richard, Rigard, Joon. And think again after Zim is maxed.

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Raided several times and lost with the suggested lineup.

What about rigard, grimm, mitsy, Richard, joon. Anything else I should look at?

I don’t really mind losing because I almost always win on the revenge… but I’d rather not lose frequently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you asking about raid defense line up or who to attack with? Kind of sounded like both, I’m no expert but I would run Rigard,boldtusk,Richard,Hansel, joon left to right in that order.

Now offensively you should prob stack some colors depending on tank. Say they have purple tank and a solid green wing, I’d say run Joon Jackal Boldtusk Mitsuko Hansel. Would give 2 of each strong color and Hansel solo. Hope that helps

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Haha! After re reading my posts, I suppose I was! Thanks for calling me out :blush: I should have stated that I was raided several times and got the beatdown…it’s funny how missing one word in a post can change the way others interpret it.0

I was actually hoping for defence help - I seem to be getting smashed.

For offense, I’m fairly decent with what I have and growing stronger daily.

Thanks for advice

Rigard - Hansel - Joon - Mitsuko - Kiril

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